Sub for Rope Climbs: 4 Creative Alternatives

One of the most popular bodyweight exercises is rope climbs. The movement builds upper body strength, works your core muscles and can help with endurance. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a rope or even the equipment necessary for rope climbs. Fortunately, there are creative alternatives that offer similar benefits. This article will look at 4 creative alternatives to rope climbs so you don’t have to miss out on this great exercise.

sub for rope climbs

Rope Climbs Overview

Rope climbing is an excellent way to build upper body strength, strengthen your core and improve endurance. It requires balance, coordination and concentration to be able to perform rope climbs properly. To begin, you need to wrap both legs around the rope while supporting your weight with your hands and arms. You then use your grip, shoulder and arm strength to pull yourself up the rope, one hand over the other in a motion known as “climbing”. Finally, when you reach the top of the rope, you should push off with your feet and lower yourself back down until you are standing upright again.

Upper Body Strength Benefits

Rope climbing is a great exercise because it helps build upper body strength, strengthens your core and increases endurance. When performing rope climbs, your shoulders and triceps become stronger due to having to support your own weight. Your forearms also get a workout from gripping onto the rope tightly. Lastly, since you must use your core muscles to stabilize yourself during the climb, it helps build abdominal and oblique muscle definition too!

4 Creative Alternatives

Fortunately, if you don’t have access to a rope or even the equipment necessary for rope climbs, there are still ways you can get similar results from alternative exercises:
1. Resistance band pulls – A resistance band provides extra tension as you work against its force which gives you the same benefit as using a rope. You can do various variations of rows or pull-ups depending on the type of band you have available.
2. Towel Pulls – If you don’t have access to a resistance band, you can improvise by looping a towel over a bar instead and doing towel pulls. This exercise mimics rope climbing but uses less upper body strength than standard pull ups.
3. Spiderman Pushups – This variation of the classic pushup puts more emphasis on working your core as you raise each leg alternately towards the elbow side as you lower into a pushup position.
4. Bear Crawls – These involve crawling forward in a bear-like fashion across the floor. During these movements, the chest remains close to the ground as you alternate lifting one arm and the opposite leg in a crawling motion.

Final Thoughts

Although rope climbs are an effective way to build upper body strength and strengthen your core, they may not be accessible to everyone. Luckily, there are many creative alternatives that offer similar benefits such as resistance band pulls, towel pulls, spiderman pushups and bear crawls. So whether you want to challenge yourself or just find something new to add to your workouts, give these rope climb substitutes a try!

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