Strict Press CrossFit: Improve Strength and Stability

Strict press CrossFit is an exercise used in strength training. It helps improve strength and stability by targeting specific muscles, such as the shoulders and triceps. With regular practice, strict press CrossFit can help athletes increase their overall performance, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize the results they get from each workout session. This post will provide an overview of strict press CrossFit, discuss its benefits, provide tips on how to perform it properly, and recommend workout variations.

What Is Strict Press CrossFit?

The strict press CrossFit exercise involves lifting a barbell overhead while standing upright. It primarily works the shoulder muscles, but also activates the core, upper back, arms, and legs. The strict press is one of the most important lifts for any athlete because it trains several muscle groups simultaneously and strengthens the body’s stabilizing muscles.

Benefits of Doing Strict Press CrossFit

Doing strict press CrossFit regularly provides many benefits for athletes looking to increase their strength and stability. It builds muscular endurance, which increases your ability to lift heavier weights over time without getting fatigued quickly. Additionally, the core activation that comes with this movement improves posture and helps protect against injuries when playing sports or doing other physical activities.

How to Perform a Proper Strict Press CrossFit Exercise

To perform a proper strict press CrossFit exercise, start by positioning your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and push your hips forward until you feel tension in your core. Squeeze your glutes together and maintain a neutral spine position throughout the entire movement. Grip the bar firmly with both hands just outside of your shoulders and keep your elbows tucked close to your sides as you press up. Finally, drive through your heels as you press up and make sure to finish at full arm extension overhead before lowering the bar back down to starting position.

Common Errors While Performing the Strict Press CrossFit Exercise

One common error when performing strict press CrossFit exercises is not pressing with full range of motion. Make sure you are locking out your elbows fully at the top of the move and keeping your chest up instead of arching your back. Another mistake people make is not bracing their core during the exercise, which can lead to lower back pain or instability.

Workout Variations for Strict Press CrossFit

There are many different variations of the strict press CrossFit exercise that target various muscles in different ways. For example, narrow grip presses work more on the triceps, while wide grip presses emphasize the anterior deltoids (front shoulder). You can also do single-arm versions of the strict press, alternating arms after each rep for extra shoulder development.

Using Machines Versus Free Weights For Strict Press CrossFit

When it comes to using machines versus free weights for strict press CrossFit, there are pros and cons to both options. Machines offer convenience and can be safer for beginners who are still learning proper form. However, free weights require more stabilization from supporting muscles, which can help build functional strength and coordination. Ultimately, the best option depends on personal preference and experience level.

Strict press crossfit

How To Progress Safely With The Strict Press CrossFit Exercise

It’s important to progress safely with the strict press CrossFit exercise to ensure maximum benefit and avoid injury. Start light with just the barbell and gradually increase weight as you become comfortable with the movement. If you want to challenge yourself further, consider adding resistance bands or even kettlebells into the mix to target additional muscles.

Incorporating Other Exercises Into Your Strict Press CrossFit Routine

Incorporating other exercises into your strict press CrossFit routine is a great way to prevent plateauing and add variety to your workouts. Pushups and bench presses focus more on the chest muscles than the strict press does, so pairing these two exercises together can help you strengthen your upper body more effectively. Pull ups, chin ups, bent over rows, and face pulls all also help develop stronger shoulder and back muscles.

Advice on How to Maximize Benefits From Strict Press CrossFit

If you’re serious about maximizing the benefits from strict press CrossFit, here are some tips: warm up thoroughly beforehand; take time between sets to rest and recover; use proper form; concentrate on quality reps rather than quantity; monitor progress over time; change up routines every 4-6 weeks; stay motivated; listen to your body; don’t forget to stretch afterwards; and eat healthy food to fuel your workouts.


In conclusion, practicing strict press CrossFit regularly offers numerous benefits including increased strength, improved stability, better posture, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced performance. By understanding what this exercise entails, how to perform it properly, how to incorporate other exercises into your routine, and how to progress safely, you can maximize the results you get from each workout session.

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