Squat Clean Crossfit: How to Do It Properly

Welcome to this blog post! You’re here because you want to find out more about Squat Clean CrossFit. This post is here to answer all your questions about this fitness regimen and to provide helpful advice on how to perform the exercise with proper technique and form, as well as how to progress if you are an intermediate or advanced athlete. You’ll learn about the benefits of Squat Clean CrossFit, common mistakes, safety tips, and warm-up exercises that should be done prior to performing this exercise, as well as the muscles used, and other types of workouts that can incorporate the exercise. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Squat Clean CrossFit, by the end of this post you’ll have a better understanding and feel more confident to get started.

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What Is Squat Clean CrossFit?

Squat Clean CrossFit is a type of resistance training exercise that combines a deep front squat with a powerful overhead press. It is a popular and effective exercise that primarily works out your core and upper body, but also provides other benefits such as improving your coordination and balance. This exercise requires strength and explosive power to perform properly and is a great way to build functional strength, power and overall fitness.

Benefits Of Squat Clean CrossFit

Squat Clean CrossFit is an incredibly beneficial exercise that can help you improve your core and upper body strength, coordination, balance, and explosive power. It is a great way to build strength and power because it requires proper form, explosive power and strength in order to be performed correctly and effectively. This exercise can also help improve your coordination and balance and can increase your overall fitness level.

Equipment Needed

To perform the Squat Clean CrossFit exercise properly, you will need a barbell, weight plates, and a lifting platform. The barbell should be held with your hands just outside of your feet, and the weight plates should be adjusted to the appropriate size. The lifting platform should provide a safe and stable surface to work on and should also be checked regularly to ensure it is clean and free of any obstructions.

Proper Technique

To properly perform the Squat Clean CrossFit exercise, you should start with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Grip the bar with your hands just outside of your thighs and pull it over your elbows. Lower yourself into a deep front squat position, driving from your heels as if you were jumping. Once your hips are fully extended, explode through them and press the bar overhead. Return back to the standing position and repeat the exercise for desired sets and repetitions.

Real Life Example: Maria Sharapova

Professional athlete Maria Sharapova is a great example of how beneficial Squat Clean CrossFit can be. She uses this exercise as part of her daily training regimen to improve her core and upper body strength, explosive power and coordination. Sharapova credits Squat Clean CrossFit to her improved overall fitness level, increased strength and power, and improved coordination and balance.

Common Mistakes

When performing the Squat Clean CrossFit exercise, there are some common mistakes that can be made that can make the exercise both ineffective and potentially dangerous. Some of the most common mistakes are: rounding your back, not fully extending your hips for the press, not engaging your core and glutes and using too much weight. In order to get the most out of this exercise, you should practice perfect form and use only an amount of weight that you feel comfortable with.

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Benefits of Performing Squat Clean CrossFit

Do you like challenges? Do you want to add an extra kick to your fitness routine? Squat Clean CrossFit combines the traditional elements of CrossFit with squatting and cleaning to help boost your fitness level. With this type of exercise, anyone can benefit from these multiple advantages:

Development of Power

When done properly, Squat Clean CrossFit helps athletes develop power that they can use in other forms of exercise. It exercises both the upper and lower body using dynamic motions and oxygen-consuming weightlifting movements that lead to the development of powerful muscles.

Release of Adrenaline

Squat Clean CrossFit also releases adrenaline – that energy-boosting hormone – to make the exercise more enjoyable and motivating. With such a rush of energy and excitement, it’s fine even to push your limits and make your workout harder.

Improved Metabolism

High-intensity exercises like Squat Clean CrossFit can help improve your metabolic rate, which will in return burn more calories and fat. This exercise, with its explosive and compound movements, helps the body get in top shape.

Improved Grip Strength

Gripping the heavy weights in Squat Clean CrossFit encourages athletes to lift heavier and become stronger. As a result, your grip strength also improves, which is beneficial for other exercises as well.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Squat Clean CrossFit has a bigger impact on the body’s cardiovascular system than most other physical activities. The intensity of the movements helps improve heart rate and respiratory strain, making it the perfect cardio exercise.

Injury Prevention

Performing Squat Clean CrossFit helps with minimizing risk of injuries. Strengthening both calves and quads increases performance and helps correct muscle imbalances which often lead to injuries.

Improved Mobility

Regular practice of Squat Clean CrossFit helps you to use all of your joints freely and with proper form. It can also help increase your range of motion and flexibility, meaning you can move freely with more energy and stamina.


Steve ‘The Machine’ Smith is a famous professional powerlifter who relies on Squat Clean CrossFit to gain explosive power and strength. He uses weights and dynamic exercise movements to promote power and explosiveness.

Overall, Squat Clean CrossFit is an effective way to keep your body fit and healthy. Not only does this exercise help build strength and power but it also boosts cardiovascular health, releases adrenaline, and improves mobility and grip strength. So, give this exercise a try and witness the remarkable changes it can bring to your body!

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Proper Technique and Form for Squat Clean CrossFit

Squat clean is a popular exercise for building explosive power and cardiovascular strength. It requires explosive power and correct form to get the most from the exercise. In this article, we will go over the proper technique and form to maximize the benefits of squat clean in CrossFit, while avoiding any potential injury.

Start Position

A proper starting position is key to performing a successful squat clean. Feet should be shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointing outwards, with hips down and chest up. The aim is to position the body so that it can generate as much power as possible, while also protecting it during the exercise.

Preparation to Lift

The initial dip and drive is the key to setting up an effective squat clean. To do this, drop the hips and chest slightly down, while keeping the shins approximately vertical. At the same time, drive the knees back and slightly outward, without allowing them to buckle. This creates a powerful base from which to explosively lift the bar up.


Once the dip is complete, keep the chest up, and explosively drive with the legs, hips and arms to simultaneously lift the bar up to the shoulders. This requires proper coordination and is an essential skill for performing the squat clean correctly and safely.

Catch and Squat

Once the bar is up to the shoulders, quickly catch it and contain it in the rack position. This can take some practice to master. Once the bar is securely in your hands, quickly drop down into a full squat thrust before standing up. This will complete the squat clean exercise correctly.


Due to the nature of the squat clean, it’s important to reset after each repetition. This will ensure each rep is done correctly and help to avoid injury. Resetting involves taking a step back and bracing the body in a correct starting position, ready to perform the next repetition.

Examples and Stories

It’s important to illustrate the correct and incorrect form of the squat clean. Examples can include simple variations like using bands for support, partial squats, and concentric-only movements. CrossFit athletes can also use squat cleans to increase power and cardio for their training routines. For example, double unders and kipping pull ups both require an element of explosive power. Squat cleans can be used to build this.

Practicing the squat clean with the help of experienced coaches and athletes can help to ensure proper technique and help to avoid injuries. With the right guidance and practice, squat cleans can be a great addition to any CrossFit program.

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Common Mistakes When Doing Squat Clean CrossFit

As a beginner in CrossFit, you want to get fit and strong quickly. But there are many common mistakes when doing the Squat Clean CrossFit. If we’re not careful, these mistakes can lead to injury as well as decreasing performance.

Not Maintaining an Upright Torso

A common mistake many beginners make when doing a Squat Clean CrossFit is not maintaining an upright torso. Many assume the deeper the squat, the better the performance. However, if we don’t maintain an upright torso, the barbell is more likely to travel in the wrong trajectory, hindering our performance. So it’s important to keep our torso upright and head straight when performing the exercise.

Not Reaching Full Hip Extension

Reaching full hip extension is key when performing a Squat Clean CrossFit. Without full hip extension, we’re only transferring the load in one direction. Instead, by reaching full hip extension, we can generate power that enables us to drive the barbell up. So remember to reach a full hip extension at the top of the lift.

Not Using the Arms at the Bottom

When it’s time to lower the barbell back down to the bottom of the squat, keep our elbows in and use our arms to snap the bar up. Doing so helps generate maximum power. So remember to keep the elbows in and use our arms when we’re at the bottom of the squat.

Not Focusing on the Catch

At the top of the lift, it’s important to focus on the catch. We need to keep the barbell close to our body while catching it. By doing so, we ensure proper range of motion and complete the lift correctly. So keep that barbell close to your body while catching it.

Not Squeezing the Glutes at the Top

Many beginners forget to squeeze their glutes at the top of the squat clean. It is essential to do so to make sure the hip and knee joints are locked and stable. When performing the lift, always remember to squeeze your glutes when you’re at the top. Doing so will make your performance much more effective.

So there you have it. Those are the most common mistakes beginners make when doing the Squat Clean CrossFit. Remember to keep an upright torso, reach full hip extension, use your arms at the bottom, focus on the catch and squeeze your glutes at the top. Doing so will help you get the most out of your squat clean experience.

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Safety Tips During Squat Clean CrossFit

As a CrossFit enthusiast, you know that proper form and safety are paramount when it comes to weightlifting exercises such as the squat clean. It is important to know how to safely execute the movement in order to reap the benefits of this effective compound exercise. Here are some tips to ensure you squat clean successfully and safely:

Inspect/Prep Weight Bar

Before you start any exercise, it is important to inspect the weight bar and environment you are in. Make sure the area is free of clutter and the weight bar is tight and secure. The power should also be placed at the mid-foot of the athlete in order to ensure the best results.

Warm Up

Warm up exercises are essential before any weight-lifting exercise. Light stretching and warming up exercises such as skipping, burpees and bodyweight squats can help you safely prepare for the squat clean exercise.

Engage Core

During the squat clean exercise, it is important to focus on engaging the core muscles. That way, you avoid potential injuries and ensure you can lift the weight efficiently. To engage your core, initiate the movement from the midsection and keep your back and shoulders “packed” throughout the exercise.

Low Hip Position

You should maintain a low hip position with your spine straight the whole time. This ensures your body is in a safe position and can move efficiently.

Stay in Control

Releasing any sudden bursts of energy can cause potential harm to your body and can be dangerous. To ensure safety, engage your upperback muscles at the top of the exercise and move in a steady and controlled motion.

Don’t Rush

Although it is important to finish the lift with control, it is also important to not rush through the exercise. Take your time, keep your form and posture, and finish the lift with a stable position.


If you find the weight too heavy or lack mobility or stability, it is okay to modify the exercise by decreasing the weight, slowing down, and/or scaling down the range of motion. This way, you can still perform the exercise safely and reap the benefits it offers.

By following these tips carefully and consistently, you can safely and effectively perform the squat clean exercise and enjoy its many benefits.

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Warm-Up Exercises Prior To Performing Squat Clean CrossFit

In my experience with CrossFit, warming up is essential to prevent possible injuries while performing exercises. Warming up helps increase body temperature and blood flow, preparing muscles and connective tissue for physical activity. For the Squat Clean CrossFit regiment, a proper warm-up routine helps to ensure optimal posture and technique to avoid any potential issues that may arise.

Outlining the Proper Warm-Up Routine

Before beginning a Squat Clean CrossFit routine, it is important to optimize the body’s temperature and loosen muscles. This can be done through light cardiovascular activity, such as a five-minute jog, as well as through foam rolling and dynamic stretching exercises. Foam rolling and dynamic stretching helps to increase range of motion and flexibility, and further prevent injuries. After loosening the muscles and increasing body temperature and blood flow, it is important to move onto heavier weightlifting exercises. This allows the body to slowly transition into a Squat Clean CrossFit workout by progressively loading the muscles. Some exercises to consider include power cleans and snatches.

Example of a Proper Warm-Up Routine From Olympic Lifter, Ilya Ilyin

As an example, Olympic lifter, Ilya Ilyin, has a unique set of warm-ups before his Squat Clean CrossFit routine. To preface this workout Ilya begins with a light cardio warm-up on a rowing machine and light stretching. Afterwards, Ilya emphasizes the use of heavier compound lifts, such as 10 sets of clean and jerk, to get his body used to the heavier weights. To finish off the warm-up, he performs 4 sets of 2 clean and jerks to prime his body for the upcoming squat clean workout.

Overall, warming up is an invaluable aspect when preparing for exercise; this is especially true for a Squat Clean CrossFit routine. By properly warming up, one can help increase body temperature, loosen muscles and connective tissue, and optimize posture and technique. By following a routine similar to Ilya Ilyin’s, one can ensure the body is properly prepped for the upcoming routine and avoid any possible issues or injuries. By taking the time and making a proper warm-up a priority, one can reap the well-deserved rewards of this Squat Clean CrossFit routine.

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Muscles Used During Squat Clean CrossFit

The squat clean, one of the movements performed in CrossFit and a staple of Olympic weightlifting, is a compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups, primarily targeting the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and back. But in order for athletes and CrossFitters to get the most out of the exercise and stay safe, it’s important to be aware of proper form and breathing techniques and the techniques to minimize the risk of injury.

Proper Form for Squat Clean

The squat clean requires the athlete to be in a standing position prior to beginning the exercise. The athlete then lowers the barbell down to their mid-thigh, with their feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and their feet pointed slightly outward.

From this position, the athlete should exhale and drive through their heels as they press up with their legs, continuing to push their hips forward and under the bar as they catch it in a front rack position, racking it on their shoulders and locking out the elbows. As they re-extend upwards, they should once more press through their heels and drive their hips forward, keeping their torso perpendicular to the floor and their eyes focused.

From there the athlete should then send their hips back and squat slightly, ensuring their knees are not tracking over their toes and their back is in a neutral position, before quickly rising up and pressing the barbell overhead.

Driving through Heels

It’s important for athletes and CrossFitters to drive through their heels when performing the squat clean as this helps to ensure that their ankles and knees are not put at risk of injury. Additionally, driving through the heels will reduce the amount of stress placed on the lower back and help to keep the athlete’s upper body and core tight.

Without the proper technique and focus, athletes can unknowingly place excessive stress on the lower back. So, when squatting down to catch the barbell, athletes should engage the glutes and drive through their heels so that the back remains in an upright and neutral position and the core stays engaged.

Flexibility Is Crucial

Proper flexibility is essential to performing the squat clean correctly as it will enable an athlete to generate more power in their movements. As athletes come down to catch the barbell in a front rack position, they should keep their chest up and their front toes lifted, activating their core and glutes.

Additionally, athletes should keep their shoulders pulled back, their elbows high, and the barbell close to their body as they re-extend and stand up. All of this requires the athlete to have adequate flexibility in the ankles, hips, and shoulders to ensure the proper form is maintained.

Core Activation

The squat clean requires the athlete to maintain a powerful and stable base as they come up out of the squat. The athlete needs to have core activation and strength in order to maintain this powerful position as they catch the barbell in a front rack position and then raise it up overhead.

Additionally, when pressing the barbell overhead, the athlete must ensure their core is activated as they do so. As they press the bar upwards, they should make sure their chest is up, their core is engaged, and they are pushing their hips forward and up.

Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is essential when performing the squat clean to ensure the athlete can generate maximal power and maintain optimal form. As typically prescribed in CrossFit, when the athlete takes the barbell down to their mid-thigh, they should take a deep breath and hold it in for two to three seconds as they drive up and out of the hole.

Then, as they catch the barbell and begin to extend up, they should begin to exhale steadily. This will enable them to maintain tightness and stability as they press the bar overhead.

Benefits of Squat Clean CrossFit

The squat clean is a beneficial exercise because it enables athletes to develop their power and strength. By performing the exercise correctly, the athlete is able to generate more power and in turn increase their strength and explosive power. Additionally, the squat clean will allow athletes to build up their strength in the legs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core region.

Consequently, when performed correctly, the squat clean is a powerful exercise that can help CrossFitters, athletes, and weekend warriors alike stay fit and achieve even more in their workouts.

Squat Clean Advice from Fitness Pros

CrossFit athletes and coaches have plenty of advice for properly executing the squat clean and getting the most out of it. Some of the key tips include: keeping the core tight and engaging the glutes; using a squatting motion that isn’t too slow or too fast, but that is consistent and measured; always driving through the heels, and always ensuring proper form.

Fitness professionals also stress the importance of keeping your eyes focused throughout the movement and exhaling as you press the bar upward. Finally, athletes are encouraged to ensure that their elbows are locked out and their shoulders are pulled back during the catch phase of the squat clean.

When done correctly, the squat clean is a powerful exercise that can help build power and strength. Through awareness of proper form and technique, athletes can get the most out of the exercise and help prevent injury.

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Progressing Through The Levels of Squat Clean CrossFit Difficulty

CrossFit is a powerful fitness program renowned for its ability to increase strength, tone up muscles, and give you an all-around balanced fitness regimen. It’s also great for increasing coordination, agility, and boosting overall fitness levels. An essential exercise in CrossFit is the squat clean, an exercise in which you squat while holding a barbell, then thrust it up as you straighten your legs. It is a demanding exercise that requires a lot of strength, coordination, and concentration.

Getting Started with the Basics

The squat clean is a compound, full-body exercise that can add an extra challenge to most workout regimens. To begin, you need to understand the basics of the squat clean, including its anatomy, the benefits it offers, and the equipment that you need for adequate performance.

Anatomy of the Squat Clean

When done properly, the squat clean activates your hips, legs, arms, and core during the movement. During a squat clean, you begin with a barbell on the floor and the arms extended. As you lower yourself into the squat, you make sure to keep your back slightly arched, your chest lifted and the core engaged. You can then either lower the barbell to your thighs or slightly below the knees as you go back into the squatting position, then engage your core as you thrust up in a full extension.

Benefits and Goals of the Squat Clean

The squat clean challenges your muscles, cardiovascular system, and it is known for its ability to increase power and strength on a global scale. Having a proper form to this exercise will help you maximize the benefits from squat clean. Goals can be set for increased time, heavier weight, and improving the number of reps for each session.

Equipment Necessary for Optimum Results

Before beginning, familiarizing yourself with the necessary equipment for a successful squat clean is key. Having a good pair of quality shoes that provide stability and support, along with a quality lifting belt and wrist wraps may be necessary for a safe and effective workout. Using a flat, stable surface and light to moderate barbells is also essential when starting out.

Squat Cleans at Beginning Level

Before attempting a squat clean, it is important to demonstrate proper form. Performing a few squats without the barbell will help you get the timing and coordination of the move and help you understand your movement range. When you are ready to add the barbell, make sure to keep your arms tight and your shoulder blades retracted to prevent shoulder injuries.

Breaking Down the Motions

The squat should be performed in three distinct motions. First, you squat and reach for the bar with a strong grip. Second, as you come back up and complete the squat, drive your elbows quickly and powerfully forward. Third, as you reach full extension at the top of the squat, use leg power to help lift the barbell basically, imagine that you are pushing the bar away from your body as you come up from the squat.

Tips for Safety

When beginning with the squat clean, start with light weights and focus on the form. Keep your core tight, your chest up, and your back arched as you go into the squat. Make sure to practice the movements without the barbell to ensure that your timing and coordination are correct. Keep your reps and sets to a moderate amount and make sure to warm up properly before each session.

Working Toward Intermediate Level Squat Clean

Once you’ve mastered the basics and can perform a squat clean with proper form, the next challenge is to increase the weight you are using and bring the movement up a notch. Introduce the power clean and incorporate structured goals to help track progress into your Crossfit regimen.

Increasing Weight

It is time to start increasing the weight on the bar once you have developed a good and consistent form. To increase performance and strength, increase the weight and/or reps. Remember to start out slow and focus on keeping proper form.

Introducing the Power Clean

The power clean, a variation of the squat clean, is quite similar but begins with a powerful leg and hip thrust from the bottom of the squat, then pulling the barbell off the ground with the arms to the start position.

Goal Setting

Goals are important in any form of exercise and the same applies to the squat clean. Having concrete goals will help track progress and grow in power and strength. Setting goals in conjunction with a structured plan and rep scheme will ensure consistency and improvement.

Working Toward Advanced Level Squat Clean

In the advanced level, you should be able to squat clean higher weights with greater ease and power. This requires mastering proper form while utilizing heavier weights. It can be intimidating at first, but with dedication, it can be achieved!

Embracing the Heavy Weight Challenge

It can be intimidating to face the challenge of squatting higher weights as you progress. Make sure to follow your program, focus on form, and take breaks when needed in order to stay focused and determined in your journey.

Pushing Through Fatigue

Crossfit can make you feel tired, but don’t let fatigue stop you from pushing through. Ensure proper form and adjust reps and weights as needed to get the most of your Crossfit routine.

Helpful Tips to Maintain Form as You Tire

When you start to tire, you may find that your form starts to suffer. To prevent this, focus on driving your elbows in power, keeping your abs tight and your chest lifted. Also, to ensure proper form, record yourself doing the movements and comparing it to a perfect form squat clean as a reference.

Giving Examples of Squat Clean Success

Success stories can be great motivation in any journey. Examples of successful athletes incorporating squats into their Crossfit regimen and the benefits they seen due to it can be inspiring. Also, tracking their journey of how they stayed motivated can give key takeaways for readers.

Their success stories can offer readers a glimpse into the power of consistency, dedication, and hard work when it comes to achieving goals. Seeing how different athletes used the exercise to achieve their goals shows a powerful message of triumph over adversity and encourages readers to stay strong and keep trying.

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Workouts Using Squat Clean CrossFit

CrossFit is an effective workout for getting fit and toning up, and with the right moves, it can get results faster. One CrossFit move that is increasingly popular is squat clean. As the name implies, this workout is based on the squat motion, combined with fast movement. Squat clean CrossFit should be executed with technique and patience in order to get the most out of it.

Proper Technique

When it comes to squat clean CrossFit, proper technique is essential in order to get the most out of the exercise. The muscles involved in doing this move include the quads, hamstrings, glutes, mid-back, abs, and arms. It’s important to keep the chest up, back straight, and arms engaged as you lower down into the squat position. The next step is to drive through the heels as you come up to standing, and transition quickly into a shoulder press.

Executing the shoulder press is important for a successful squat clean CrossFit exercise. The arms should be slightly bent, elbows close to your sides, and feet should be wide for stability. As you press the barbell up and over your head, the arms should be completely straight at the top. The final phase is to return the barbell to the ground and lower back into the squat position.

Reps and Sets

The number of reps and sets to do is dependent on the fitness level of the individual. For the unprepared, it is recommended to start with 3 sets of 3-5 reps, only completing as many as you can with good technique. For the intermediate person, between 3-5 sets with each set of 5-10 reps is a reasonable goal. Finally, for the advanced person, 6 or more sets of 12-15 reps should be the goal.


The primary benefit of the squat clean CrossFit exercise is the compound movements that work several parts of the body at once, targeting the legs more than any other muscle group. Additionally, it can help increase strength, power, endurance, and overall body composition. Because this exercise engages multiple muscle groups and requires proper form, it is a great option for a total body workout. Plus, it requires very little equipment, making it an easy addition to a home gym.


One example of an individual using the squat clean CrossFit is experienced CrossFit athlete, Bill. Bill has been doing CrossFit for more than two years and is looking for something to challenge him. He incorporates squat clean into his workout routine once a week, and has seen an increase in his overall strength and endurance. He has also noticed a decrease in body fat and an overall improvement in his physique.


When it comes to doing a squat clean CrossFit exercise, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Start light and slow. Make sure to use the correct form before adding more weight or increasing the pace.
  • Take a day off between each squat clean session. This will allow your body to rest, preventing potential injury and overtraining.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch up your stance and grip. Doing so can help focus on certain muscle groups more than others.
  • If you’re feeling confident, increase the number of reps and sets as your form and strength improve.

With the right technique and dedication, a workout using squat clean CrossFit can have amazing benefits. It helps tone, strengthen, and condition the entire body. To maximize results, users should keep proper techniques at the forefront, including proper foot placement, back position and arm movement. Additionally, reps and sets should be tailored to their own fitness level. Finally, take a day off between each workout in order for the body to rest and repair.

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The squat clean crossfit exercise is an effective way to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. It can be used to build muscle and safely increase power and speed.

Definition & Benefits of Squat Clean Crossfit

Squat clean crossfit is a diverse exercise that allows athletes to build strength, flexibility, stability, and coordination. It is a compound lift consisting of two distinct movement components: the front squat, and the power clean. This exercise integrates core strength, balance, coordination, and explosiveness while targeting the primary muscles in the hips, legs, and back.

The primary benefit of the squat clean crossfit is its ability to simultaneously build strength and power. Furthermore, the movement calls for the utilization of dynamic stabilization and balance, which not only contribute to injury prevention but also enhances athleticism. Squat clean crossfit can help improve sprinting, jumping, and other explosive movements. Additionally, it can also be used to increase coordination and flexibility. Improved coordination and flexibility are associated with better posture and improved mechanics in everyday activities.

Explanation of Proper Form

In order to execute the squat clean crossfit effectively and safely, proper form and technique should be adhered to. The feet should be placed slightly wider than hip-width apart and turned slightly outwards. The arms should be kept wide and relaxed. The hands should be clasped with hips flexed and back tight.

To begin the movement, squat down keeping the back tight and straight, the arms extended and outside of the legs, and the knees tracking over the toes. When the squat goes below parallel, the athlete should drive up, extending hips, knees, and ankles. During the drive phase, the athlete should reach underneath the bar, catching it in the mid-thighs. Once the athlete is standing upright with the weight, they should drive the shoulders back up and press up, completing the exercise.

Throughout the exercise, shoulder activation is key to ensure safe execution and keep the chest up and spine neutral. Other important points to consider are vertical movement of the barbell and proper knee tracking.

Tips to Keep in Mind

When squat cleaning, it is essential to stay mindful of the form of the exercise. Incorrect form can lead to injury and impede performance. The lifter should focus on keeping the shoulders back and chest up. Good breathing mechanics is important throughout the lift. The athlete should exhale on the drive up and inhale to brace and stabilize on the way down and when catching the bar.

For those new to the exercise, it is important to practice with a lighter weight first to get the form and technique down. Start light and increase load gradually after proper form and technique are established. Making sure to lower down with control and keeping the weight close to the body will help ensure the proper movement and improve strength in the lift.

Sample Squat Clean Crossfit Workout

One of the great benefits of squat clean crossfit is its versatility. It can be used as part of a complete program or can be used as a standalone exercise. A sample workout incorporating the squat clean is a working sets separated by rest periods. For example, one could do five sets of five reps using a moderate weight and two minutes of rest between sets. The sets and reps can then be increased as the lifter’s form and competence increase.

While squats can become a great part of any cross-training program, it is important to start light and increase weight and sets/reps slowly. Remember to stay focused on proper form and observe the proper points established before performing the exercise.

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Squat Clean CrossFit is an intense and challenging full-body exercise. Not only does it require strength, endurance, and mobility, but it also demands the proper form and technique to ensure success, safety, and maximize the benefits from the workouts.

Performing proper warm-up exercises and maintaining good form are key for a successful, safe, and enjoyable experience with Squat Clean CrossFit. Knowing which muscles are used and understanding the different levels of difficulty will help you as you progress and become more efficient in the exercise. From beginners to advanced athletes, Squat Clean CrossFit can be adjusted to fit all levels of fitness.

Ultimately, Squat Clean CrossFit is an exercise that is not only fun, but also very rewarding and beneficial. By taking the necessary safety precautions and understanding the proper form and technique, anyone can get the most out of their CrossFit workouts and take their fitness to the next level.

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