The Benefits of Snatch Push Pressing

Are you looking for an effective exercise for weightlifting and developing your overall muscular strength & power? If so, snatch push presses may be just what you need. In this blog post I’ll be discussing this demanding exercise, including highlighting the various benefits, and offering up important tips and safety guidelines to help you achieve better results and stay safe while doing so. We’ll also go over the technique for perfect form, ways to warm up and cool down safely and effectively, rep advice and common rookie mistakes, so that you can perform your snatch push presses with greater confidence and get the most out of them!

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What is a Snatch Push Press?

The Snatch Push Press is an explosive full-body functional training movement used for improving both strength and cardio endurance. The exercise starts with a snatch-style movement that requires the lifter to lower into a squat position and lift a barbell from the floor to the shoulders with elbows up and feet flat. From the starting squat position, the lifter pushes the barbell up overhead with a powerful press while pushing though their heels and thrusting the hips forward.

At the end of the motion, the barbell should be directly overhead, with elbows locked and hips, knees, and ankles all aligned. The combination of the snatch, press, and thrust provides a great conditioning workout that engages the entire body.

Benefits of the Snatch Push Press

The Snatch Push Press provides many functional and strength benefits. It strengthens the upper body, especially the shoulders and lat muscles, while challenging the core and legs with the squat, thrust, and press motion. It is excellent for improving agility and coordination, as well as broadening and improving flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.

The explosive nature of the Snatch Push Press also provides a great cardiovascular conditioning workout to enhance performance in most physical disciplines. Continuous repetitions at lower weights and shorter rest times are also an efficient strategy for shredding fat and increasing muscle definition.

Examples of Snatch Push Press

Powerlifters and strongman competitors are often fans of the Snatch Push Press. Legendary powerlifter Mark Henry uses the snatch push press to this day to stay in top physcial form. The WWE, NFL and MMA pros have also used the exercise to reach physical goals, such as increased speed and power, improved coordination and agility, and better core strength and stability.

Fitness and bodybuilding trainers are also aware of the exercise’s effectiveness and often use variations of the push press in their programming. Moreover, many CrossFit and Olympic lifters blend these variations into their training programs to improve their strength, conditioning, and performance.

Considerations of the Snatch Push Press

The Snatch Push Press should be reserved for experienced lifters as it requires a great amount of mobility and strength to perform correctly. It is very important to maintain the proper form throughout the exercise, as any deviation or mistake can cause muscle strains and injury.

If you are new to the Snatch Push Press, it is recommended to start with a light weight and proper execution. As your strength and technique improve, gradually increase the reps and weight.

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Benefits of Doing Snatch Push Presses

Exercises come in all shapes and sizes, and the Snatch Push Press is a unique exercise that offers a wide variety of benefits. This exercise focuses on improving strength, posture, muscle symmetry, overall body workout, mobility and balance while simultaneously helping to prevent any severe, long-term injuries.

Improve Strength

The Snatch Push Press is a great exercise because it works on multiple muscles at a time through a single motion. This form of weightlifting is designed to maximize results with minimal effort, as it engages several muscle groups concurrently. Additionally, the exercise targets the stabilization muscles, which are tucked away deep in the body, creating a well-rounded strength training routine.

Enhanced Posture

The Snatch Push Press is designed to help with posture and technique. It focuses on engaging the core and abdominal muscles to keep the individual in the correct form. Each repetition helps build greater flexibility and strength in order to support proper posture and provide a more active and safe workout.

Muscular Symmetry

Muscular symmetry is an important element of any exercise program. The Snatch Push Press works both sides of the body equally, aiding in the prevention of muscular imbalances that can occur with one-sided workouts or activities of daily living. Even weight loading between sides of the body helps create a balanced foundation to prevent overuse of certain muscles.

Comprehensive Total-body Workout

The Snatch Push Press combines several elements of a full-body workout. The exercise combines upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular elements into a single movement. This helps to create a well-rounded workout while reducing the repetitions needed to get through a full workout routine.

Improved Mobility and Balance

The Snatch Push Press works to strengthen the central nervous system, specifically the neuromuscular system. Since the exercise engages the core and stabilization muscles, it helps create a better range of motion and increased agility. This form of exercise has been known to help athletes improve coordination and balance, allowing them to move freely during sports and games.

Injury Prevention

Snatch Push Presses have been known to benefit individuals who are looking to prevent long-term, severe injury. The exercise helps strengthen tendons and ligaments, which are often overlooked when creating workout plans. Studies have even found that those who consistently do Snatch Push Presses experience fewer injuries overall.

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Technique for Perfect Snatch Push Press Form

Snatch push press is an effective upper body exercise, which engages a range of muscles across the entire body. This move is focused on weightlifting, and works on major muscles groups, to improve strength and posture.

The primary movement of snatch push press is pressing a weight from overhead to the front of the shoulders. This combines elements of the shoulders, legs, and core to perform the dynamic press.

Here is the technique to correctly execute a snatch push press:
1. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, grab the weight with your palms facing down, and position it in front of your shoulders.
2. Bend your knees and hips, in a squat. Make sure that your elbows are tucked into your sides, and the head is in line with the spine.
3. Extend your arms to press the weight overhead, in one powerful and swift movement.
4. Once the weight is overhead, bend your knees, pushing the hips back. Keep your chest and arms upright.
5. Finally, press the weight from overhead to the front of the chest, using your shoulders and upper body to control the descent of the weight.
6. Reverse the movements to complete the motion and repeat the exercise for repetitions.

By using the correct form, you can perform the move safely and prevent potential injuries. A few additional tips to keep in mind are to maintain good posture throughout the movement and control the speed/intensity of the exercises.

Benefits of Snatch Push Press

Regular practice of snatch push presses can result in greater strength, range of motion, and muscular endurance.

Improved Leg and Core Strength Synthesis

Snatch push presses involve coordinating both the core and legs to stabilize the upper body and lift the weight. This action helps improve the connection and synchronization between the legs and core, to generate a greater force.

Improved Range of Motion

Using snatch push press helps to increase your overhead mobility, aiding greater depth and range of motion. It also helps improve shoulder stability and strengthens the back, both of which are essential for right shoulder posture.

Improved Muscular Endurance

Through consistently practising snatch push press, you can increase your muscular endurance and strength. Being able to lift heavier weights multiple times over, increases your body’s stress tolling capacity, helping your muscles become used to producing serious amounts of power.


A great example of an athlete who benefited from the snatch push press is Olympic athlete Svetlana Podobedova. Being able to press huge amounts of weight, she managed to win a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Through the consistency of her training, her aim was to improve her muscular endurance, joint stability and range of motion. This enabled her to press more weight and increase her performance.

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Warm Up Before Performing a Snatch Push Press

Executing a snatch push press efficiently requires proper physical and mental preparation. The following are necessary stretches and warm-ups that should be done before attempting the movement.

Necessary Stretches to Prepare for the Movement

It is important to take the time to do some thorough stretching before executing the snatch push press. Stretches like quad stretches, hamstring stretches, calf stretches, and arm swings are ideal. This will help engage the muscles properly and keep them loose. Make sure that all stretches last at least 15-20 seconds so that the muscles can relax and get used to the motion.

Proper Activation for the Shoulders

It is also important to activate the shoulders before attempting the movement. Doing dynamic warm-up exercises like band pulls, wall slides, and band pull aparts will ensure that the shoulders are properly warmed up and ready to go.

Core Activation Tricks

Engaging the core is a necessity for executing the snatch push press correctly. Engaging the abdominal wall, bracing the glutes, and keeping a neutral spine will all help in this regard. Taking the time to properly engage the core will ensure the movement is properly executed and minimise risk of injury.

Practical Examples with Coaching Cues

It is also important to demonstrate an example of proper form with coaching cues. When starting the movement, explain to the reader that the body should be in full extension with the hips, knees, and arms all ready to power up. On power up, the reader should perform the snatch push press explosively, using the hips and legs in unison and extending the arms up above the head. The ultimate goal is to have the body in full extension just before landing, with the feet together and arms locked out above the head. With proper execution, the snatch push press should be a continuous motion without any extra pauses.

Following these tips and taking the time to properly warm up and stretch will ensure the snatch push press is executed with proper form and reduce the risk of injury or discomfort.

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Cool Down After a Workout Involving Snatch Push Presses

The snatch push press is an effective exercise to reach your fitness goals. But, many people make the mistake of rushing through the exercises and neglect the importance of cooling down afterward.

Performing a proper cool down is essential for your overall health and performance. It helps prevent injury, regulate body temperature, increase blood flow, and reduce lactic acid buildup.

Example 1: Light Stretching & Breathing Exercises

Once you have finished performing the snatch push press, start cooling down your body with light stretching and breathing exercises. Participate in activities such as dynamic stretching, gentle yoga, or Pilates to ease your muscles and reduce their fatigue.

Focus on your breath and take slow, deep breaths. This will help to relax your mind and body. Using this technique can also reduce the release of cortisol and assist in calming the mind.

Example 2: Rolling Out with a Foam Roller

Another great way to finish off your workout is to roll out using a foam roller. This is the perfect tool to target trigger points and release tension and knots in the body after a grueling work out.

Foam rolling can help to target areas that were overworked and alleviate any muscle tightness in your body. Aim to roll out any tight muscle groups you feel in your body, such as the glutes, quads, and lats, to help with the recovery process.

Benefits of Post-Workout Stretching

Following a workout, it is important to make sure your muscles are being properly stretched. Doing so helps to reduce muscle fatigue, increases range of motion, prevents joint soreness, and lowers the risk of injury.

Perform stretches that target the muscles and tendons you used during the snatch push press exercise. Be sure to hold each stretch for at least 15-20 seconds and be mindful of your breathing.

Doing a proper cool down and stretching after a workout can help with your overall physical performance. Make sure to take the time and perform a cooldown to maximize recovery and minimize the risk of injury.

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How Many Reps Should I Do For Maximum Results?

If you’re just starting out with the snatch push press, it’s important to listen to fitness experts when it comes to your rep count. Generally, it is recommended to do between 6 to 10 reps per set, and 3-4 sets total. Doing this can help to give you an effective workout while also making sure you are properly lifting with proper form.

Benefits of Increasing the Number of Reps

When done properly and with a good weight, increasing the number of reps when doing a snatch push press can be an effective way to improve your performance. Doing a higher number of reps can help to increase the force production from the quadriceps, and help develop better stability and balance in the lower body while executing the snatch push press.

Tips For Upping Your Rep Count

If you’re looking to increase the rep count for your snatch push press, it’s important that you focus on proper technique and make sure you have the proper support before attempting to lift more. Make sure to use a weight that isn’t too heavy and be sure you’re hitting the bottom correctly and getting a full lockout at the top.

My Personal Experience

When I first started out with the snatch push press, I started out with a lower rep count and a smaller weight. Little by little, I was able to increase the number of reps I was doing and the weight as well. I could tell that as I increased my rep count, I was getting stronger and more comfortable in the lift.

Using Hypalates to Increase Number of Reps

Another great way to help increase the number of reps and help improve technique is to focus on increasing strength through Hypalates exercises. Hypalates are exercises that target specific muscle groups and help to improve muscular strength and coordination. Using Hypalates can be instrumental in helping you to increase the number of reps on a snatch push press and improving your overall technique.

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Tips For Advanced Weightlifters Doing Snatch Push Presses

Advanced weightlifters should take a few extra steps to ensure they are effectively and safely pushing the boundaries of their body. In order to get the most out of a snatch push press, here’s some advice:

Start with light weights

When starting out, begin by incrementally adding weights. Begin with a very light weight so they can get comfortable with the proper form and technique. As they become more comfortable, they can gradually increase the weight. It is important to not sacrifice form for weight, so advanced weightlifters should not attempt to increase the weight if it compromises their form.

Use a spotter

For safety and assurance, it’s important to use a spotter when doing any weightlifting exercises. People should never lift weights they cannot control the entire time. A spotter can help spot the lifter if needed and can also provide advice and tips to help the lifter achieve better exercise techniques. It is also best to practice with a spotter the first few times attempting a snatch push press to make sure the form is correct and the sneaker is feeling confident before lifting heavier weights.

Invest in proper footwear

For effective lifts, weightlifters should invest in good weightlifting shoes. Shoe types differ depending on the style of exercise, so it’s important to choose one that best suits the type of lift. They provide greater stability and reduce fatigue so athletes can lift heavier weights for longer periods of time. Additionally, they help keep the form correct so an incorrect technique is not adopted due to slipping and sliding in gym shoes.

Aim for full range of motion

It’s important to achieve a full range of motion when lifting weights, so when doing snatch push presses, be sure to push up through the entire range of motion. Failing to do so may result in a weaker lift and less benefit from the exercise.

Generate power and explosiveness

If a lifter can generate enough power and explosiveness, they can increase the force they generate during the lift. This not only can result in a better lift but allows the lifter to achieve more from the exercise. One cue advanced lifters can use to help increase their explosiveness is to shout during the lift.

Get tips from seasoned lifters

To get a better understanding and gain tips on proper form and technique, advanced lifters can watch videos and get advice from seasoned weightlifters. It is important to listen to feedback, as it can help to identify weak areas and target them for more practice. Whether it’s changing the tempo of a lift or changing the position of the feet, tips from seasoned lifters can be very valuable to advanced lifters.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Performing a Snatch Push Press

Learning a Snatch Push Press correctly is key if you’re striving to benefit from the exercise. It’s important to watch out for certain mistakes to ensure proper form.

Not Finishing with Full Extension

When performing a Snatch Push Press, it’s common to use too much of the knee drive while lifting the bar off the shoulder, thus limiting the level of hip and shoulder extension. Not fully extending the body decreases the weight that can be handled, power generated, and over time, can cause strain on the joints.

Not Being Able to Catch in the Overhead Position

The Snatch Push Press can be a difficult movement to learn. If you find yourself unable to lock your arms out overhead from the snatch position, then this exercise may not help you as much as others. It’s essential to practice the snatch movement, as well as overhead stability regularly to ensure success.

Incorrectly Timing the Launch of the Barbell

Many beginners make the mistake of launching the barbell forward with the knee drive without properly setting their body first. This decreases power output and the accuracy of the movement. Before executing the lift, make sure your entire body is prepped and ready.

Over-Relying on the Knee Drive

By relying solely on the knee drive, athletes potentially limit their power output when performing a Snatch Push Press. To maximize power output, increase stability, and learn the exercise, combine the hip extension and leg drive when starting the lift. Doing so will help you become more powerful when performing the exercise.

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Safety Guidelines For Doing Snatch Push Presses

As with any exercise, safety is paramount when doing snatch push presses. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your workouts while staying safe:

Always Warm Up

Before beginning any strenuous exercise it’s important to prepare your body with a proper warm-up. A dynamic stretching and light jogging or rope skipping are great options. This ensures your muscles and joints are warmed-up and ready to lift.

Proper Form

Using the correct form is key to doing snatch push presses effectively and avoiding injury. When catching the bar, make sure your arms are fully extended before beginning the lift. As you press the bar overhead your torso should be extended upright with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Explode Upwards

The snatch push press is an explosive move. Your hips and glutes should do the majority of the work to power up the bar. Keep your movements minimal but highly powerful to maximize your lift and minimize strain on your body.

Don’t Overdo It

It can be tempting to push yourself to lift heavier than you should. However, if you start to experience fatigue or any breaking in your form, it’s important to stop and rest. Using heavier weight can cause strain on your muscles and joints and lead to injury.

Have The Right Spotters

Having a few other people to spot you will help keep you safe while doing snatch push presses. Make sure they are qualified and that they understand proper form and protocol. A competent spotter will know when the weight is too heavy and help keep your form in check.

Monitor Strength Imbalances

Due to the unilateral nature of a snatch push press, it’s important to pay attention to any strength imbalances between your left and right side. Make sure to switch sides for the next set and take note of any discrepancies that may arise. Doing this regularly can help uncover potential problems before they become too severe.

By adhering to these safety guidelines and performing snatch push presses correctly you can get the most out of your workouts while minimizing risk of injury. Remember, safety should always be your top priority!

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Using Snatch Push Presses As Part Of A Regular Exercise Routine

Snatch push presses are an effective workout that are beneficial to overall fitness and muscle development. They combine three movements: snatch, press, dip, and drive. This exercise requires the use of both upper and lower body strength, as well as full body stabilization.

Benefits of Snatch Push Presses

There are a number of benefits to adding snatch push presses to your regular exercise routine. These include:

  • Improved muscular endurance and strength.

  • Increased explosive power.

  • Promotion of proper knee and hip positioning.

  • Improved scapular mobility.

Example Workout Routine

Snatch push presses are an intense exercise that can be incorporated into your regular workout. A recommended routine includes stability exercises and drills, 3-4 sets of snatch push presses, supersets of upper body exercises and ending with core exercises.

Adapting Your Routine To Your Needs

Snatch push presses can be adapted to your individual needs and fitness level. Tips for adapting the exercise include:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of weight used.

  • Varying the number of sets and reps.

  • Adding active rest periods for recovery.

  • Substituting certain exercises for ones that are more comfortable or suitable.

The Importance Of Consistent Training

Consistent training is also important when it comes to snatch push presses. Doing this exercise regularly helps maintain balance and coordination. This includes regular practice of all movements as well as attention given to hips and shoulder mobility. It is important to also listen to your body and adjust the workout accordingly. This can help prevent injury and improve the overall effectiveness of the exercises.

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A snatch push press is an incredibly effective addition to any weightlifting regimen, and it can help to improve your overall technique. Its advantages include better overall strength, stability, balance, and coordination. It is important to remember to warm up and cool down properly before and after the exercise, and to make sure you are using proper form to avoid any injuries. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to your reps and sets to maximize your results. For more advanced weightlifters, there are some specific tips and tricks to ensure maximum effectiveness from your workout. Lastly, it is important to keep safe and be aware of any underlying conditions you may have in order to ensure you have a safe and successful workout. Utilizing snatch push presses and incorporating them into your regular exercise routine can lead to great results and further progress in your weightlifting journey.

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