Maximize Your Workouts with Ring Dip Crossfit

Ring Dip CrossFit is a full-body exercise that has become popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. It is an intense workout that works multiple muscle groups, burns fat and builds strength. Ring dips can be used to target the shoulders, triceps, chest, abs and back muscles as well as improve balance and coordination. In this post we will discuss what ring dip crossfit is, the muscles it uses, its advantages and common mistakes people make when performing this exercise, as well as tips on improving form, adding weight to increase intensity, alternative moves and safety procedures.

What Is Ring Dip CrossFit?

Ring dip crossfit is a compound movement that involves the use of rings suspended from a bar or wall mount at shoulder height. The exerciser starts by holding onto the rings in a straight arm position with elbows tucked in close to the body. They then lower themselves until their arms are bent at a 90 degree angle before pushing up explosively to finish one rep. This type of exercise targets the same major muscle groups as traditional dips, but adds more variety and challenge since it requires greater stability due to the unstable nature of the rings.

Muscles Used During Ring Dip CrossFit

Ring dip crossfit primarily targets the triceps, shoulders and chest muscles, but also engages other stabilizing muscles such as the lats, core and even glutes depending on how wide you spread your feet while doing them. By isolating these smaller muscle groups during each rep you not only build strength but you’ll also develop better overall muscular balance which can help reduce injury risk when doing other exercises.

Advantages Of Doing Ring Dip CrossFit

The main advantage of doing ring dip crossfit is that it increases upper body strength and endurance while providing great cardiovascular benefits. It helps strengthen the entire shoulder complex as well as engage numerous core muscles. Additionally, because you have to stabilize yourself using both arms, it encourages proper posture and improved coordination and balance throughout your whole body.

Common Mistakes When Doing Ring Dip CrossFit

One of the most common mistakes made when doing ring dip crossfit is not engaging the abdominals enough while lowering down into the dip. Make sure to keep your core tight while executing this move so you don’t collapse through your hips or round your back. Additionally, some people tend to overextend their arms at the top of the dip, leading to hyperextension of the elbow joint. To prevent this make sure to stop just short of locking out your elbows at the top of the motion.

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Tips For Improving Your Form While Doing Ring Dip CrossFit

To ensure proper form when doing ring dip crossfit, start by keeping your legs together or slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Engage your core and keep your spine neutral throughout the motion. Lower your body slowly by bending at the elbows until your arms reach a 90 degree angle. Once you hit this point push off explosively with your arms to return to the starting position without overextending your elbows. As you do this focus on squeezing your triceps to maximize activation of this muscle group.

Variations On The Traditional Ring Dip CrossFit Move

There are several variations on the traditional ring dip crossfit move that allow you to customize the difficulty level of the exercise. These include single leg dips, weighted dips, decline dips and negative dips. Single leg dips involve lifting one foot off the ground while maintaining control over both rings with your hands. Weighted dips involve attaching weights either to your waist or directly to the rings in order to add resistance to each repetition. Decline dips involve setting up a platform behind you so you can lower further than normal while still keeping tension on your triceps. Finally, negative dips involve pausing for 2 seconds once you reach the bottom of the motion before returning to the starting position.

Proper Safety Procedures To Follow When Doing Ring Dip CrossFit

When performing any type of physical activity it is important to always follow proper safety procedures to avoid injury. Before beginning any ring dip crossfit routine it is essential that you warm up properly by stretching and jogging for 5-10 minutes. Wearing wrist wraps can also help provide extra support and protection for your wrists if needed. Lastly, it is best to always have a spotter nearby who can help guide you through correct form and assist if necessary.

Adding Weight To Increase Intensity With Ring Dip CrossFit

Adding weight to ring dip crossfit can increase the intensity of your workout and help build more strength faster. If you decide to incorporate weights into your routine it is important to remember to progress slowly so you don’t cause any unnecessary strain or injuries. Start with light dumbbells (5-10 lbs) attached around your waist or held between your feet, increasing gradually as you become more comfortable with the exercise.

Alternative Moves To Replace Ring Dip CrossFit In Your Routine

If you want to give your joints a break from ring dip crossfit there are plenty of alternatives that target similar muscle groups while putting less stress on your body. Push ups, tricep extensions, overhead press, planks and burpees are all excellent options that provide great results while helping minimize wear and tear on your joints over time.


In conclusion, ring dip crossfit is a great full-body exercise that provides many benefits including increased strength, enhanced coordination and improved muscular balance. Following proper safety protocols like warming up beforehand and having a spotter present are key components to achieving success with this exercise while avoiding potential injury. Additionally, adding weight or switching up variations on the traditional move can increase the intensity and provide different challenges for those looking for something more advanced.

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