Everything You Need to Know About Push Jerk Crossfit

Trying to take your CrossFit workouts to the next level? Look no further than push jerk crossfit! This type of CrossFit workout offers numerous benefits, including greater power, speed, and agility. It can help you become more competitive in your CrossFit training and can help you reach a higher level of physical fitness. In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of push jerk crossfit, as well as some tips on getting started, techniques for improving your performance, nutrition tips, exercises to help you perfect your push jerk crossfit skills, and training regimen recommendations. We’ll also look at some safety considerations to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Push Jerk Crossfit

Do you want to develop your overall endurance and strength while getting a fat-reducing workout in? If so, then push jerk Crossfit is perfect for you! This type of training combines explosive power and static control in order to develop muscular endurance and strength. Using exercises like squats, lunges, push ups and overhead presses, you’ll soon start to feel more fit and healthier in no time.

Improved Muscular Endurance and Strength

Push jerk Crossfit is an effective way to work your whole body while also focusing on proper breathing techniques. When combined with the right exercises, you’ll be able to increase your heart rate for a better fat-burning workout. Proper breathing techniques form an important part of the training, helping you to increase your endurance and efficiency.

When combined with proper form and functional movements, the risk of overtraining and injury is significantly lowered. As your muscular endurance and strength are improved, you’ll be able to lift heavier weights more comfortably, allowing you to challenge yourself more and achieve even better results.

Improved Cardiovascular Endurance

Push jerk Crossfit also encourages its athletes to focus on proper breathing techniques and increase their cardiovascular endurance. This training creates an aerobic response in your body, allowing you to push your heart rate up in order to effectively burn fat. Not only that, but this type of workout also helps to improve overall cardio endurance and efficiency.

Injury Prevention and Mobility Improvement

When done with proper form and technique, push jerk Crossfit can help to build a foundation of muscular strength and stability. This can help to reduce the risk of injuries, or even overtraining. Similarly, the movements used give your muscles a chance to move through a full range of motion, which can help to increase mobility and flexibility.

Improves Overhead Pressing Ability

The push jerk Crossfit movements can also used to improve an athlete’s overhead pressing ability. The technical components of the movement are key here, and exercising with proper form can help to strengthen your muscles as well as develop power and stability in your shoulders, upper back, and core.

Intense Conditioning

Push jerk Crossfit combines different elements of strength training and conditioning, pushing athletes to their limits while also helping them to develop functional strength and stability. There are often “finishers” included in the workout which help to test an athlete’s fitness level. These exercises help to give an intense and exhilarating finish to each session.

Overall, push jerk Crossfit is a great way to build overall strength, endurance, and mobility. When paired with proper form and technique, you’ll soon start to feel the benefits. You can also increase your cardiovascular endurance, reduce the risk of injuries or overtraining, improve your overhead pressing ability, and enjoy intense conditioning. All this without having to leave the comfort of your own home or gym. What’s not to love?

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Getting Started with Push Jerk Crossfit

Push Jerk is an important, full-body CrossFit movement that focuses on core strength, stability, and power. This functional movement utilizes the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems. An effective Push Jerk engages the shoulder and hip muscles and is good for toning the core and lower back, along with building strength and explosiveness.

Explain Proper Form

When executing a proper Push Jerk, lead with your legs. Start with feet hip-width apart. Keeping your spine in a neutral position and your back flat, hinge forward as if you are pushing with your hips, as you bend your knees slightly and reach your arms down, gripping the barbell at shoulder-width. Make sure to keep your chest up and your back flat. With a powerful jump and an upright body, extend both your legs and arms. As you drive overhead with the barbell, push off the balls of your feet to aid in the upward momentum, so your extended arms can finish the lift overhead. As the bar finishes its trajectory to a locked out position, ensure you have your feet firmly planted, a full grip on the bar and your entire body in a balanced posture, while the barbell is firmly balanced overhead.

Talk about the Benefits

The Push Jerk is an essential CrossFit movement that strengthens multiple muscle groups while simultaneously providing a cardio-based workout. Primarily, the Push Jerk engages the shoulders, chest, and back, but also utilizes the glutes, hamstrings, triceps, and core. Through this full-body movement, participants can increase overall athleticism, both for strength and explosion, improve power and balance, as well as build stamina and stamina-related movements.

Offer Examples

When executing a proper Push Jerk, it is important to concentrate on form and not the weight. Practitioners should focus on taking their time, understanding the movements, and zeroing in on the correct muscles. Performing the movement with correct form helps to avoid injury and maximize the benefits of the motion. Some examples of a good Push Jerk include videos from professional Crossfitters like [insert name], with short demonstrations of the proper form that can be referred to when trying to perfect this particular lift.

Demonstrate Progressions

For those just starting out with CrossFit, it is recommended to start with light weights and perform the movement slowly and correctly. Adding weight should not be done until the form is perfected. This will ensure balance and prevent injury. The velocity of the movement should also be modified. As Crossfitters become more comfortable with the movement, more weight and speed can be added.

Safety Advice

As with any physical fitness program, safety should be of utmost importance. When practicing the Push Jerk, having a spotter and make sure that you are performing the motion with the correct form is essential. Foam matting should also be used for comfort, grip and stability when lifting heavier weights. Always keep in mind that correct form is the most important factor for performing the push jerk and to avoid any potential harm or injury.

These strategies, coupled with good form and proper technique, should help CrossFitters gain beneficial strength and explosiveness, while staying safe and informed. Push Jerk is an effective full-body exercise that, with proper instruction and technique, can help practitioners become more fit and experience great results.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

We all strive to be our best selves in CrossFit, but sometimes mistakes can happen. Push jerk is one of the most challenging CrossFit workouts, requiring good form and coordination, so it’s important to make sure you’re executing the move correctly. To help you get the most out of your CrossFit routine, here are the most common mistakes to avoid when doing the push jerk.

Losing Form

Falling out of position during the push jerk can lead to decreased efficiency and puts stress on the lower back and shoulders. It’s important to maintain solid form in order to do the move correctly, which will help you get the most out of your workout. Make sure to stay in the correct position throughout the entire move, keep your back straight and your chest up, and focus on using the power from your legs and hips to perform the lift.

Spreading feet too wide

A common mistake made while performing the push jerk is keeping feet too wide apart. To perform the move effectively, feet should be positioned slightly wider than the shoulders and keep body weight centered. When feet are spread too wide, it shifts the weight too far forward, making the exercise difficult to complete.

Forgetting to dip and drive

Executing the push jerk correctly requires remembering to dip into a quarter squat and drive the weight up during the transition. This allows you to generate the speed and power necessary to move the weight. Make sure to keep your head up and focus on pushing the barbell away from you as you explosively drive upwards.

Swinging shoulders instead of driving them upwards

Another common mistake is swinging the shoulders instead of driving them upwards. This can lead to an improper lockout, causing an unsuccessful push jerk. When performing the move, focus on pressing the barbell away and adding vertical drive with the shoulders. This will help ensure you’re getting the most out of each rep and that you’re lifting with proper form.

Leaning back with arms locked

Leaning back too far with arms locked during the push jerk is a common mistake, and it can cause balance issues as well as put pressure on the lower back. Maintaining balance is key to performing the move successfully, so make sure to stay upright and keep drive in the knees and hips as you perform the lift. Keeping arms locked is only beneficial when you’re in the proper position and able to stay balanced.

In conclusion, it’s important to be mindful of good form and technique when doing push jerk in CrossFit. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you complete the exercise efficiently, making you more likely to achieve your desired results.

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Technique Tips for Improved Performance

Properly executing the perfect push jerk can be tricky and requires good technique, but by following a few key tips, you can ensure that you improve your technique with every lift.

Shoulder Position

It is essential to position your shoulders correctly when doing a push jerk to ensure the lift is performed safely and effectively. Begin by standing with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, your hips pulled slightly back, and your core engaged. Your arms should be out in front of your stomach and your chest open and lats engaged.

Dip and Drive

The next step after setting up your shoulders is the dip and drive. Remember to keep the two separate and distinct, beginning with a vertical dip and ending with an explosive drive into the bar. Focus on engaging your quads, glutes, and core throughout the dip and resist the temptation to add momentum to the dip.

Balance and Land

Once all of the power of the dip and drive has been collected, the athlete should press the bar off the chest and into the overhead position. Resist the temptation to rush the process, and let the bar rise steadily. Once it is stable, then bend your knees and look for the ideal landing spot. To ensure the bar is steady and secure, some athletes can use a forward thrust when they reach the landing spot.

Push Jerk Practice Drills

Avoid the frustration of feeling like your push jerk still needs improvement by including practice drills into your routine. By practicing the feeling of weight distribution, you can increase the fluidity of your CrossFit movements and translate this feeling into your lifts. You can also practice timing the barbell with your breath and performing barbell complexes. This helps to increase your coordination and control from one repetition to the next.

By following these tips and utilizing these practice drills, you can take your push jerk to a new level. Properly executed, the push jerk can deliver both power and stability, and create a huge benefit for your CrossFit routine.

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Nutrition Tips for Maximum Results

Doing a Push Jerk CrossFit workout requires an optimal diet to maximize performance, prevent injury and recover quickly. While everyone is different and has different needs, there are some general nutrition guidelines we can follow to ensure we are getting the best out of ourselves.


Drinking plenty of water is essential to ensure your body is performing at its best. Aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and to ensure you stay hydrated before, during and after a workout.


Eating a balanced diet full of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats will ensure you have enough energy and nutrients to fuel your workout. Making sure you have the right amount of macronutrients and micro-nutrients will ensure your body has enough fuel to last throughout your session.


Eating small snacks or meals before and after your workout will help maintain and boost your energy levels. Doing so will help ensure you are able to perform at a consistently high level throughout your session and will aid in your recovery afterward.


Certain supplements such as whey protein powder can contribute to muscle growth and faster recovery. However, it’s important to consult with a nutritionist before incorporating any supplements into your diet.


Getting plenty of rest and sleep is essential for muscle recovery and regeneration. Aim to get 8 hours of sleep per night, and incorporate rest days into your workout schedule. This will allow your body to recover and rebuild muscles stronger than before.

By sticking to a nutrient-dense, balanced diet full of the right nutrients and ensuring you stay properly hydrated and get plenty of rest, you can maximize the results of your Push Jerk CrossFit workout and achieve a strong, capable body.

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Exercises to Improve Push Jerk Crossfit Skills

When it comes to mastering your

push jerk Crossfit
technique and conditioning, there are several exercises you can incorporate into your drills. If you’re looking to maximize your performance, practice a combination of these exercises to accelerate your Crossfit training regimen and get explosive.

High Pulls

High pulls

are an important part of your push jerk training as they strengthen the shoulder and back muscles and practice the motion for the jump portion of the push jerk. To do the high pull, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a barbell in front of you with an overhand grip. Start with the bar resting on your thighs and your arms slightly bent. Explosively shrug your shoulders and pull the bar up with your arms while extending your knees and hips. At the peak of the pull, your arms should reach shoulder height and your wrists should be aligned with your elbows. As you come back down, return to the bent-arm position, slightly lower than the starting position.

Front Squats

Front squats help you build leg power, stability, and balance for the dip portion of the push jerk. To begin the front squat, hold a barbell across the front of your shoulders, with your arms in a locked, crossed position. Your elbows should be high and pointing out. Then, squat down while keeping your back straight and head up until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Finally, drive through your heels to stand up and squeeze your glutes at the top to keep your hips extended.

Developing Core Strength

Developing core strength is necessary to generate power from the legs through the arms in the push jerk. The most effective way to do this is to practice crunches, sit-ups, and planks. For crunches, lie on a flat surface, with your hands cupped behind your head. Lift your upper body towards your knees, keeping your lower back to the ground. For sit-ups, which require the same start position as crunches, lift your torso all the way up. Finally, for planks, start on hands and knees and straighten your legs, so your feet are resting on the ground. Engage your core and hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

Split Jerks

The split jerk can help you improve the explosiveness of the motion by practicing quickly lifting and pushing the bar overhead in two motions. To perform a

split jerk
, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with a barbell in an overhand grip. Quickly dip down and quickly drive up, shifting your weight onto your right foot and extending your arms as you do so. As your arms are extended, drop quickly into a lunge position and drive the barbell overhead, while splitting your legs in the same direction. Finally, stand up and pressing the barbell fully overhead.

Partial Range Of Motion (ROM) drills

Partial range of motion drills helps to dial in the form, by teaching your body how to move through the various parts of the push jerk. Half-start drills are great for this purpose: stand in the start position for the jerk, with feet shoulder-width apart and the barbell in an overhand grip. Drive up until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then slowly lower the bar to the starting position. It’s important to focus on form over weight during this exercise as it’s designed for teaching form and coordination.

Speed and Tempo Repetitions

Speed and tempo repetitions are essential for

working on speed, explosiveness and timing
during the jerk. For this exercise, you need to start with the barbell in your hands and the feet shoulder-width apart. Then, explosively drive the bar up, directly above your head, while extending your legs. Pause here to ensure proper form, then slowly lower the bar to your chest and stand up explosively. The most important part of this exercise is that you focus on maintaining your form.

Static Position Drills

Static position drills help to build stability and balance during the jerk. Start with the barbell in an overhead position, with your legs and arms extended. Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure your core is engaged, and focus on breathing.

Box Jumps

Box jumps are a great way to increase explosiveness in your legs for the jerk, as well as providing a useful timing mechanism to ensure the jump and jerk are performed together. Start from a standing position, then quickly jump up onto a box of designated height. Make sure you pause briefly at the top of the jump, to help reduce the chances of injuries. Step or jump down as quickly as possible and resume the starting position.

Power Cleans

Power cleans

help to improve the act of explosively shrugging your shoulders and transmit that power to the bar. Start in a standing position, with a barbell in front of your knees. Bend your hips back and then explosively stand up, while shrugging your shoulders and pulling the bar upward. Catch the bar in an overhead squat position, before standing up and pressing the barbell up.

By practicing a combination of these exercises, you can improve your performance at push jerks and maximize your Crossfit training. Make sure to focus on your form and practice each exercise regularly for the best results.

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Training Regimen Recommendations

Doing Crossfit requires tremendous skill, explosiveness and technique, and the push jerk is an excellent movement which requires these attributes. To ensure you stay safe and bring steady gains, practice the push jerk with proper form and progressively overload your workouts. Here’s what to do for a successful work out program.

Start with the Appropriate Form

Before performing the push jerk, it’s important to master the basic movement and form. This includes doing the drive, dip, and catch motion and practicing with a light barbell in a squat rack. Additionally, ensure your feet are positioned flat on the ground and your back and arms are straight.

Increase Balance and Mobility

Oftentimes lack of mobility and balance can hinder performance. Therefore, you should increase your mobility and balance with various exercises such as single-leg Romanian deadlifts, lateral lunges, dynamic stretching, and core stability drills.

Implement Progressive Overload

For continuous gains and better performance, you should use progressive overload. This should be done by incrementally increasing the intensity and complexity of the workouts, warming up, and following a predetermined protocol.

Improve Upper-Body Strength

In order to make the most of the push jerk Crossfit, you’ll want to work on your upper-body strength. Exercises such as strict press, power jerk, push jerk, weighted pull-ups, and landmine press are great for building explosive power.

Practice the Benchmark WODs

To take your Crossfit experience even further and get the most out of the push jerk, challenge yourself with benchmark WODs such as the 7 minute AMRAP or the 21 minute AMRAP.

Employ Isometric Holds

Placing an emphasis on isometric holds during the workouts will help you to overload the motor units and improve strength. It can also help when you’re practicing the catch position of the push jerk.

Eat the Right Diet

Eat enough protein and carbohydrates to fuel your body before and after exercise and develop a diet plan tailored to your goals. This can help you to perform at your best and get your desired results.

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Safety Precautions When Doing Push Jerk Crossfit

Push jerk crossfit is a full-body exercise that requires careful supervision and specific techniques to ensure safety and efficiency while doing this physical challenge. By following necessary safety precautions, you can perform the exercise in the safest way possible.


Before attempting the push jerk crossfit, it’s essential to warm up your body and mind. Warming up helps increase flexibility and reduces the chance of injury. For example, begin with a light jog or walking for 5-10 minutes, followed by stretching your entire body for 10-15 minutes. Stretching will prepare your muscles for the upcoming exercise and reduce the strain on your body. Lastly, do a few sets of jumping jacks or other light cardio.

Proper Form

Once you are sufficiently warmed up, you can start learning the proper motion and technique for the Push Jerk Crossfit. The objective of Push Jerk Crossfit is to do a push press with a stern, explosive movement of your body. Ensure your legs are slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet slightly angled outward with your weight on your heels. Maintain an upright position and straight back. Push with your legs and hips, and while bending your elbows, push the barbell overhead to your chest.


If you are a beginner or a junior, it is important to use lighter weights and move at a slower pace. Additionally, you can do standing push presses such as barbell, dumbbell or wall press, just with fewer reps. These variations of the push jerk crossfit can be tailored to different fitness levels.


Successful Push Jerk Crossfit requires specific equipment and supplies. These include a barbell, plates, potentially a platform, and other gym equipment. It’s essential that the barbell and weights be of a good quality to ensure safety and sturdiness of your movements. Additionally, make sure to adhere to the rules of the gym, as they are in place to protect your safety.


Having someone to spot you is crucial while doing the Push Jerk Crossfit. Your spotter’s primary role is to provide both physical and verbal support and cues throughout the lift to make sure the form is correct. They should also be aware of potential injuries or incorrect form and be there to help if and when necessary.

Rest Days

Lastly, it is important to provide your muscles and body with proper rest. Schedule rest days as part of your routine, around two times a week. Taking rest days will ensure you don’t become fatigued and exhausted. Additionally, this will help prevent any potential injuries.

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Crossfit’s push jerk is a complex but highly effective lifting movement that offers great functional benefits, especially for exercise power. Mastering the push jerk involves mastering the right technique and having a solid, consistent training regimen and proper nutrition. If you are just starting out, it is best to practice with light weights and look for qualified instruction to help you perfect your form. With practice, consistency and safety in mind, push jerks can help you build strength and power in an efficient manner.

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