Everything You Need To Know About Power Clean CrossFit

Power Clean CrossFit is an incredibly effective form of exercise that combines the power of Olympic weightlifting with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. The Power Clean technique involves lifting and throwing weights from the ground to your shoulders or overhead in one powerful movement. This explosive, full-body exercise builds strength, increases muscular endurance, and improves overall athleticism. It also helps build muscle and burn fat more efficiently than other forms of strength training. In this guide, we will discuss what Power Clean CrossFit is, its benefits, how to do it correctly, and tips for beginners.

Introduction to Power Cleaning Exercises

The Power Clean is a fast-paced dynamic lift that develops total body power by combining an explosive hip extension with an aggressive shrug at the end of the movement. It’s most commonly performed with a barbell but can also be done using dumbbells. The aim of the move is to pull a loaded barbell from the floor up to the chest as quickly and powerfully as possible. It works many muscles including the back, glutes, hamstrings, and core, as well as targeting smaller stabilizing muscles in the shoulder girdle.

power clean crossfit

Benefits of Power Cleaning in CrossFit Routines

When done properly, Power Cleaning can provide a great cardio boost while also developing strength and power. It’s especially beneficial when combined with a HIIT routine because it burns calories and raises the heart rate while engaging all major muscle groups simultaneously. It also helps build core strength and balance since you have to stabilize yourself during each rep. Because of its ability to improve coordination and agility, Power Cleans are often used in sport-specific conditioning programs.

Muscle Building Benefits From Power Cleaning

Power Cleaning can help increase lean muscle mass due to its intense nature and wide range of motion. When performed consistently, it can stimulate growth hormone production which leads to increased muscle size and improved body composition. Additionally, it’s easy to adjust the intensity level by changing the load or reps so you can make sure you get the results you want.

Strength Training Basics With Power Cleaning

Before attempting any type of power clean exercises, it’s important to learn proper technique. Start by standing in front of a barbell with feet hip-width apart and slightly bent at the knees. Then hinge at the hips to grip the bar with an overhand grip just outside the legs. Keep your spine neutral throughout the entire movement and use your hips to explosively extend them upwards while shrugging your shoulders towards your ears. Make sure to catch the bar at your shoulders before lowering it back down under control.

Safety Tips When Doing Power Cleaning Exercises

Safety should always be top priority when doing any kind of physical activity, especially when using heavy weights. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind: warm up thoroughly before starting; wear proper shoes that fit snugly on your feet; maintain good posture during lifts; stop immediately if you feel any pain; practice perfect form without bouncing; never drop the weights onto the floor; and remember to breathe deeply through each repetition.

Common Mistakes People Make During Power Cleaning Exercises

One of the most common mistakes people make when performing Power Cleans is not maintaining a neutral spine position throughout the entire lift. This puts strain on your lower back and makes you more prone to injury. Another mistake is not keeping your arms straight throughout the lift, which reduces power output and hinders progress. Lastly, bouncing the bar off your chest or dropping it too low when returning to the start position can lead to unwanted stress on joints and connective tissue.

Equipment Needed For Power Cleaning Exercises

For basic Power Clean workouts, you’ll need a barbell with enough weight plates to challenge yourself safely according to your fitness level. If you don’t have access to a barbell, you can substitute it with dumbbells or kettlebells. Wrist wraps and a weightlifting belt can help provide extra support when needed. Finally, having a spotter close by who knows how to do a Power Clean can be extremely helpful in case something goes wrong during a set.

Beginner Strategies for Power Cleaning Exercises

If you’re new to Power Cleans, start out with light weights and focus on mastering the proper form first. Increase resistance gradually as your strength and skill improve and take plenty of rest days between workouts to avoid overtraining injuries. Perform multiple sets of two or three reps instead of going for single-rep maxes until you’ve built up a solid base of strength. Be patient – progress takes time!

Advanced Strategies for Power Cleaning Exercises

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Power Cleaning, there are several advanced strategies you can incorporate into your workouts to maximize gains. Try adding pauses during key parts of the movement such as at the bottom of the squat position or when catching the bar at your shoulders for extra stability and strength building benefits. Alternating between different grip positions like pronated or mixed grips can also help break through plateaus and make further improvements in strength and power output. You can also experiment with complex multi-joint movements such as hang cleans or snatch pulls to add even more variety into your routine.


Whether you’re looking to develop overall athleticism, lose weight, or simply gain more muscle, incorporating Power Clean exercises into your CrossFit routine can bring huge rewards. Just make sure to master proper technique before adding heavier loads and consider implementing some advanced strategies once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics. With hard work and dedication, soon you’ll be reaping all of the amazing benefits that Power Cleans offer!

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