3 Ingredient Paleo Ice Cream: A Tasty Treat For Everyone

Summertime is here and it’s time to cool down! This delicious paleo-friendly three ingredient ice cream recipe is the perfect way to do just that. With only three ingredients and minimal equipment needed, this easy homemade ice cream will be ready in minutes. We’ll also discuss some additional variations, serving suggestions, other healthy cold treats to try, and the health benefits of making your own ice cream.


Ice cream is one of those classic summer treats we all enjoy. It’s a sweet treat for all ages and an even sweeter bonus when it fits within our dietary restrictions! Our paleo 3 ingredient ice cream has no added sugar or preservatives – only wholesome natural ingredients.

Ingredients & Equipment Needed

For this simple recipe you’ll need full-fat coconut milk, honey or maple syrup, and your favorite flavorings (vanilla extract, cocoa powder, fruit purees etc.). In terms of equipment you’ll need a bowl and whisk to mix everything together, as well as an ice cream maker if you’d like a more traditional soft serve texture.

Step by Step Instructions

The first step is to combine all the ingredients together in a bowl until they are evenly mixed. Once combined, transfer the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can use a shallow dish lined with parchment paper and freeze for 4-6 hours or until firm.
Once the ice cream is frozen through, scoop out small portions into individual cups or bowls and enjoy!

Additional Recipe Variations

This basic recipe can be easily customized according to taste preference. Try adding fresh fruits such as berries or mangoes, or spices such as cinnamon or cardamom for a unique twist. For a crunchy variation, add chopped nuts or shredded coconut to the ice cream before freezing. You can also substitute coconut milk for almond or cashew milk for a nutty flavor.

paleo 3 ingredient ice cream

Serving Suggestions

Serve your paleo 3 ingredient ice cream in cones or waffle cups with a drizzle of chocolate sauce or a sprinkle of chopped nuts. Alternatively, make popsicles using molds and wooden sticks – this is especially popular with kids! Serve them alongside vegan brownies or banana bread for an indulgent summer snack.

Other Healthy Cold Treats To Try

If you’re looking for other healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream there are plenty of options available. Smoothie bowls topped with your favorite fruits, yogurt parfaits made with plain Greek yogurt, chia pudding layered with granola and nut butter – the possibilities are endless! There are also many dairy-free ice creams on the market these days so feel free to explore different flavors and brands.

Health Benefits of Homemade Ice Cream

Making your own paleo 3 ingredient ice cream at home has many benefits compared to store-bought varieties. First of all, you control the quality of ingredients used which means you know exactly what goes into your food. Plus, without added sugar or preservatives you can trust that it’s healthier than regular store bought versions. Finally, since you prepare it yourself you can customize it however you’d like – no matter how adventurous your cravings may get!


Our paleo 3 ingredient ice cream is the perfect way to cool down on hot summer days. Not only does it satisfy those ice cream cravings but it’s packed with wholesome nutrition too! Whether enjoyed alone or served up with other desserts, this homemade version makes a refreshingly delicious treat for everyone to enjoy.

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