Flutter Kicks CrossFit: Get Ready to Feel the Burn

Flutter kicks are one of the most popular cardio exercises in CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program. It is a dynamic move that helps you burn calories while strengthening your core muscles. In this post, we will discuss what flutter kicks are, their benefits, how to get started with them, and tips for perfecting your form. We will also look at common mistakes to avoid, precautions to take when doing them, the best equipment for them, using props to enhance your moves, and variations of flutter kicks. So if you’re ready to feel the burn, let’s get started!

What Are Flutter Kicks?

Flutter kicks are an advanced bodyweight exercise which involves alternating movements of the legs while keeping them straight. This movement engages all of your core muscles and makes it easier to do other exercises like planks, crunches, or push-ups. The main goal of this exercise is to improve balance, strengthen the core muscles, and increase flexibility.

Benefits Of Doing Flutter Kicks

There are many benefits associated with performing flutter kicks on a regular basis. These include increased calorie burning potential, improved muscular endurance, enhanced coordination and agility, better posture and balance, stronger core muscles, and greater range of motion. Additionally, it can help improve overall fitness levels by increasing cardiovascular health and improving muscle tone.

Getting Started With Flutter Kicks CrossFit

To start off with flutter kicks CrossFit, it’s important to ensure you have adequate space to perform the move safely. Once you’ve cleared up some room in your home or gym, begin by lying down on your back with both feet together on the ground. Lift your feet slightly off the floor so they hover just above it and then start moving them up and down quickly in a scissor-like fashion. To maintain proper form during this move, be sure to keep your head, neck and shoulders relaxed as you focus on contracting your core muscles.

How To Make Flutter Kicks More Challenging?

Once you’ve mastered basic flutter kicks CrossFit technique, you may want to make them more challenging. To do this, try changing the tempo of your kicks or incorporating resistance bands or weights into your routine. Additionally, you can add repetitions or hold each rep for longer periods of time. You could even change the angle of your legs or lift one leg higher than the other for added difficulty. Whatever challenge you choose, make sure to practice proper form throughout each variation.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Flutter Kicks

When performing flutter kicks CrossFit, there are several common mistakes that should be avoided. For starters, don’t arch your back too much as this can put unnecessary strain on your lower back. Additionally, avoid swinging your legs too wide apart as this can cause instability in your core muscles. Finally, remember to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine throughout the entire move to prevent any injuries from occurring.

Tips For Perfecting Your Form When Doing Flutter Kicks

If you’re looking to perfect your form when doing flutter kicks CrossFit, here are some helpful tips. First off, aim to keep your hips square with the ground throughout the entire exercise. Next, contract your glutes and engage your abdominals before beginning the kick sequence. Also, ensure that your shoulder blades remain firmly pressed against the mat and never drop your chin toward your chest as you raise your legs. Following these simple tips will help you achieve better results faster.

Precautions To Take When Doing Flutter Kicks CrossFit

Before attempting flutter kicks CrossFit, it’s important to understand the risks involved and take certain precautions to stay safe. Start out slowly and listen to your body – if something feels uncomfortable stop immediately and rest. Additionally, if you suffer from chronic pain or injury seek medical advice prior to engaging in this exercise. Finally, always warm up properly before starting a workout session and cool down afterwards.

The Best Equipment For Flutter Kicks CrossFit

The best equipment for flutter kicks CrossFit are comfortable workout clothes that provide support and breathability. As for shoes, lightweight sneakers work best as they allow for maximum mobility and flexibility. Resistance bands can also be used to add extra challenge to your workout sessions and foam rollers help improve range of motion and alleviate soreness after exercising.

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Using Props To Enhance Your Flutter Kicks

Using props such as medicine balls or kettlebells can significantly increase the intensity of flutter kicks CrossFit workouts. Medicine balls add extra weight to the move which increases its calorie burning potential and strengthens key muscles like the core and glutes. Similarly, kettlebells offer great stability when performing the exercise making it easier to maintain proper form throughout the entire set.

Variations Of Flutter Kicks

There are numerous ways to vary flutter kicks CrossFit depending on individual preferences and skill level. Beginners can start with modified versions like bent knee lifts which involve raising alternate knees instead of alternating feet. Advanced exercisers can opt for weighted versions or incorporate different types of jumps between sets for an added challenge. There are also specialised movements such as figure 8 flutter kicks where you draw imaginary circles with both feet simultaneously for extra intensity.


In conclusion, flutter kicks are a great way to target multiple muscle groups and burn calories while getting a full-body workout in less time. However, it is important to follow proper form while doing these exercises in order to reap all the benefits without risking injury. Additionally, using props like resistance bands or medicine balls can help you take things up a notch while having fun at the same time! So if you’re ready to feel the burn – give flutter kicks CrossFit a go today!

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