Double Dare Ya: What it Means and How to Do It

Double dare ya is a fun, daring and unique experience that can be enjoyed by friends. It involves taking risks, pushing boundaries and challenging yourself to try something new in an effort to have the most exciting time possible with your friends. In this post, we will look at what double dare ya means, ideas for doing it with friends and some of the activities you can take part in as part of a double dare ya experience.

What Is Double Dare Ya?

At its core, double dare ya is about daring each other to do something out of your comfort zone or something that you wouldn’t normally do. This could be anything from eating something gross to competing in a physical challenge. The point is to have fun while doing it and make sure that everyone is safe and has a good time.

Ideas For Doing Double Dare Ya With Friends

Doing double dare ya with friends can be a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some ideas for how to get started:

  • Activity #1 – Scavenger Hunt – Organize a scavenger hunt around town with tasks such as finding certain items or locations. You can make it competitive or simply see who finds all the items first.
  • Activity #2 – Make A Music Video – Have your group pick their favorite song and then come up with creative ways to interpret the lyrics through dance moves and lip-syncing.
  • Activity #3 – Create An Art Challenge – Take turns drawing a picture using only shapes, colors, lines, etc., without being able to actually draw the object itself. Whoever makes the best artwork wins!

double dare ya


Double dare ya is a great way to have fun with your friends and push yourselves out of your comfort zones. There are lots of different activities you can do together and many more you can come up with on your own. So grab some friends, let go of any inhibitions and give double dare ya a try!

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