Squat Snatches in CrossFit Training – What You Need to Know

CrossFit Squat Snatch is a full body exercise that combines Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. It involves squatting, then explosively driving the barbell overhead while still in the squat position. This powerful lift requires flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance. If performed correctly, it can help athletes achieve greater levels of fitness and performance, as well as prevent injury. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of CrossFit Squat Snatches, techniques involved with them, how to improve posture during squats snatches, increasing power output, perfecting form through practice, common mistakes when performing them, advanced movements using the squat snatch, and using accessories to aid with them.

crossfit squat snatch

Introduction To Crossfit Squat Snatch

The Crossfit Squat Snatch is an explosive full-body exercise that combines elements from both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. The athlete begins by taking hold of the barbell with their arms outstretched on either side, then descends into a deep squat position before exploding upwards and raising the barbell above their head in one fluid motion. As the athlete reaches full extension they should be standing upright, with their elbows locked out in line with their ears and the barbell resting above their head in the ‘catch’ position.

Benefits Of Performing Squat Snatches

CrossFit Squat Snatches are beneficial for a number of reasons. First, they require tremendous amounts of coordination, stability and strength throughout the entire movement pattern; making them an excellent choice for building total body strength. Additionally, since they involve multiple joint actions (ankle, knee and hip) they can also improve mobility and flexibility over time. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of this exercise develops great levels of athleticism which can transfer to all other sports or activities. Lastly, because of the low risk/high reward ratio associated with this exercise it is suitable for individuals at any level of fitness.

Techniques Involved With Squat Snatches

In order to perform the CrossFit Squat Snatch successfully there are a few key components to focus on: positioning yourself properly underneath the barbell prior to initiating the lift, applying enough force to drive the barbell overhead while maintaining good technique, and finally catching the barbell at full extension in the catch position. When setting up to initiate the lift make sure your feet are flat on the ground slightly wider than shoulder width apart and keep your spine neutral throughout. You want to apply enough force to drive the barbell quickly but not so much that you lose control. Once you reach full extension and lock out your arms be sure to keep your core engaged and maintain a tall posture before slowly lowering the barbell back down under control.

Improving Posture During Squat Snatches

Posture is essential for successful completion of the CrossFit Squat Snatch as improper alignment can cause serious injury if not corrected. Start by positioning yourself directly underneath the barbell before beginning the lift – make sure your feet are flat on the floor and evenly spread apart. Keep your chest up and your back straight as you lower into your starting position and push your hips back simultaneously. Your shoulders should remain above the barbell until you begin to raise it off the ground and explosively extend your legs and hips while keeping your torso tight and upright. Finally as you reach full extension make sure you have a strong grip on the barbell and keep your core engaged as you bring it overhead.

Increasing Power Output While Doing Squat Snatches

Power output can be improved through effective training programs that focus on speed and strength development. For example, combining exercises such as box jumps, kettlebell swings and weighted jumping lunges will increase the amount of force applied in each repetition which in turn leads to greater power outputs during subsequent sets of CrossFit Squat Snatches. You can also use accessory movements such as plyometric drills (jumping onto boxes or benches), medicine ball throws and Olympic lifts to further improve power production during heavy lifts like the squat snatch.

Perfecting Form Through Practice

Practicing CrossFit Squat Snatches regularly is important if you want to master proper form and get stronger over time. Work on gradually adding weight to ensure adequate progress without sacrificing technique; start light and increase weight incrementally as you become more comfortable with the movement pattern. Also make sure to work within your comfort zone – don’t try to move too fast or add too much weight too soon as this could lead to poor technique or worse yet injury. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Common Mistakes When Doing Squat Snatches

One of the most common mistakes people make when attempting CrossFit Squat Snatches is rushing through the rep without paying attention to their form. Take your time with each rep, focusing on proper posture and foot placement throughout the lift. Another mistake is failing to keep your core engaged while performing the exercise; make sure you brace your abs before initiating each rep to avoid compromising your form. Lastly, always remember to land softly once you have reached full extension – allowing your muscles to absorb some of the impact rather than crashing onto the ground after each rep will help reduce fatigue and allow you to complete more reps with better quality form.

Advanced Movements Using The Squat Snatch

Once you have mastered basic CrossFit Squat Snatches you may wish to explore some more complex variations such as snatch complexes or snatches from different heights (such as hang snatches). Additionally, combining other movements such as cleans or presses can create new challenges which can help develop overall strength and endurance even further.

Using Accessories To Aid With Squat Snatches

Using certain pieces of equipment such as bands or handles can help to improve efficiency when performing CrossFit Squat Snatches. Bands placed around a pole or post can provide extra resistance when coming off the ground which will help you increase power output faster than traditional methods alone. Handles attached to a cable pulley system offer adjustable height settings which can be used for practicing different snatch variations from varying heights safely and effectively.


To sum up, CrossFit Squat Snatches are an incredibly effective way to build total body strength and power whilst developing mobility, flexibility and athleticism. Taking your time to learn proper form combined with regular practice sessions are essential if you want to succeed with this lift long term. Finally, using various tools and accessories can also help accelerate progress towards mastering this powerful exercise!

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