Crossfit Sled: Discover the Power of Sled Training

CrossFit sleds are a versatile piece of equipment used for strength-training and cardio. They can provide an effective metabolic conditioning workout, helping you improve your endurance and overall fitness. But if you’re new to crossfit, what exactly are these sleds and how do they work? Read on to learn more about the power of sled training and why it should be part of your crossfit routine.

Benefits Of Using A Sled In Crossfit Training

Using a crossfit sled provides many benefits. It increases your muscular strength and stamina while also improving coordination and balance. This type of exercise also helps develop explosiveness and speed in movements which is great for athletes. Additionally, working with a sled allows you to increase or decrease the intensity level depending on your goals.

crossfit sled

Types Of Exercises You Can Do With A Sled

Sled exercises come in many forms but some common ones include forward dragging with resistance band attachment, walking lunges with resistance band pulls, lateral push/pull sprints with sled harnessed to chest and bear crawls with weight plates strapped to back. Other options involve pushing the sled up inclines, carrying heavy weights over short distances or doing explosive jumps over the sled. Depending on your goals and current fitness level, there is bound to be something suitable for you!

Essential Tips Before Starting Sled Training Sessions

Before starting any sled training session, it is important that you prepare correctly. Warm up your body properly by doing dynamic stretches as this will help reduce the risk of injury. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after the workout so that you stay hydrated. Also, it is important to know when enough is enough – don’t try to push yourself too hard too soon or else you may end up feeling exhausted or injured instead.

Exercise 1: Forward Dragging With Resistance Band Attachment

This exercise involves using a resistance band attached to a sled handlebar. Start by standing tall with feet shoulder width apart. Bend slightly at the hips while keeping a straight back and hold onto the handlebar. Begin by slowly taking small steps backward while dragging the sled behind you. As you progress further back, increase your pace until you reach your maximum distance. When done properly, this exercise targets multiple muscle groups including hamstrings, glutes, quads, core and arms.

Exercise 2: Walking Lunges With Resistance Band Pulls

For this exercise, start by attaching a long resistance band to the front bar of the sled. Place one foot ahead of the other and begin by performing a lunge movement while pulling the sled towards you with the resistance band. Return to your starting position and switch legs, repeating the motion for 10 reps per side. Remember to maintain good form throughout the entire exercise and ensure that your knees remain behind your toes at all times.

Exercise 3: Lateral Push/Pull Sprints With Sled Harnessed To Chest

In this exercise, use a chest harness to attach the sled around your torso securely. Begin by running sideways from one point to another, pushing the sled with your hands against resistance from the ground. Make sure to keep your arms bent at 90 degrees for optimal efficiency. For additional difficulty, add weighted plates to increase resistance levels and make sure to practice proper breathing techniques as well.

Safety Tips When Working Out With A Crossfit Sled

When working out with a crossfit sled, always wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for physical activity. Be aware of your environment and clear away any objects or debris that could cause tripping hazards or impede your movements. Most importantly, make sure that the equipment is set up properly prior to beginning any exercises and check for signs of damage regularly.


Sled training can be a powerful tool for strengthening muscles and increasing cardiovascular capacity. By following proper safety protocols and tailoring exercises according to individual needs, anyone can reap its many rewards regardless of their fitness level. So if you want to take your workouts up a notch, then give sled training a try today!

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