Crossfit Ring Dip: Get Ready to Build Serious Upper-Body Strength!

If you’re looking to get serious about upper body strength and fitness, then CrossFit ring dip is the perfect exercise for you. It’s an effective workout that uses your own bodyweight to give you a full-body workout in one simple movement. In this article, we’ll explore what ring dips are, their benefits, tips on form, common mistakes, how to add them into your workout routine, leveling options, finding the right equipment, alternatives to ring dips, and more.

What Are Ring Dips?

Ring dips are exercises used in CrossFit to strengthen muscles and build endurance throughout the whole body. They involve suspending yourself from two rings placed at shoulder height and lowering yourself as far down as possible until your elbows are bent slightly beyond 90 degrees. You then push back up to return to the starting position. This is one rep of a ring dip.

Benefits of Doing Ring Dips

The benefits of doing ring dips include increased strength in your chest, arms, shoulders, back and core; improved coordination; and better overall balance and stability. Additionally, since it’s an exercise that requires no additional weight or machines, it’s easy to perform anywhere – which makes it great for both outdoor workouts and those at home!

Form Tips For Ring Dips

To ensure proper form while performing ring dips, start with your feet flat on the ground and maintain contact between your hands and the rings throughout the entire exercise. Keep your elbows tucked close to your body as you lower and press through your palms rather than using just your fingertips. Lastly, focus on maintaining good posture throughout the entire range of motion – especially when you reach the bottom part of the movement.

Common Mistakes When Performing Ring Dips

One common mistake when doing ring dips is not engaging your abs properly. Make sure to keep your core tight and squeeze your glutes during the dip to ensure that you stay in control throughout the movement. Another mistake people often make is overloading themselves with too much weight or going too fast when performing the reps. Be mindful of your pace and always adjust according to how difficult each repetition feels.

Adding Ring Dips Into Your Workout Routine

Adding ring dips into your workout routine can be a great way to build functional strength and improve mobility. To begin, start by mastering basic ring dips with just your bodyweight before adding any external weight or increasing the number of repetitions per set. Then gradually increase the difficulty level by incorporating additional weights such as kettlebells or barbells into your workout routine. This will help challenge yourself and take your training to the next level.

CrossFit Leveling Options With Ring Dips

CrossFit has several levels of proficiency for ring dips including beginner (ring rows), intermediate (assisted ring dips) and advanced (unassisted ring dips). Beginner athletes should start with assisted dips where they can use a band or another object to assist in pressing up from the bottom of the dip. Intermediate athletes should move onto unassisted dips but may choose to reduce the number of reps depending on their individual ability level. Advanced athletes will typically do higher volume sets of unassisted dips with some extra weight added.

Finding The Right Equipment For Ring Dips

When looking for the right equipment for ring dips, make sure to invest in quality pieces that can handle your weight without slipping or breaking. There are many different types of rings available ranging from wall-mounted ones to portable suspension straps. Wall-mounted rings are great if you want something stable and secure while strap systems are ideal for travel and outdoor workouts. Whatever type of rings you decide on, make sure that they’re strong enough to support your weight safely.

FAQs About CrossFit Ring Dips

How Many Reps Should I Do For A Single Set Of Ring Dips?

That depends on your experience level and goals. Generally speaking, beginners should start with 3–5 reps per set while experienced athletes may work up to 8–10 reps per set. Remember to always listen to your body and adjust accordingly based on how each set feels.

Are Ring Dips Safe?

Yes, ring dips are safe provided that you have the right equipment and practice proper form. As long as you know what you’re doing, there shouldn’t be any issues with safety. However, if you’re new to this exercise it might be best to seek guidance from a qualified coach or trainer who can teach you the proper technique.

Can I Use Rings Instead Of Barbells For Strength Training?

Yes, rings can be used instead of barbells for strength training purposes. They offer greater range of motion compared to traditional barbell exercises and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different skill levels. Plus, they provide a unique challenge that keeps things interesting and allows you to progress faster towards your goals!

Crossfit Ring Dip

Alternatives To Ring Dips

If you don’t have access to rings or would like an alternative exercise option, you could try box dips or tricep extensions instead. Box dips require less range of motion and target mostly the triceps while tricep extensions are done using either dumbbells or resistance bands and isolate specifically the triceps muscle group. Both are excellent alternatives for building upper body strength without needing rings.


In conclusion, Crossfit ring dip is an effective exercise for developing upper body strength, improving coordination and balance, and increasing muscular endurance throughout the whole body. It’s also easy to learn and doesn’t require any special equipment – making it perfect for anyone looking to get fit in the comfort of their own home or outdoors! Just remember to practice proper form and start slow with lighter weights so that you can build up strength safely over time.

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