Crossfit Partner Workouts – Get Fit and Have Fun with a Friend

Are you looking to switch up your usual workout routine? If so, Crossfit partner workouts could be a great way to get a challenging and fun experience. Partner workouts are popular in the Crossfit community because they offer an opportunity to work out with someone else while getting an intense full-body workout. In this post, we’ll cover what Crossfit partner workouts are, why you should give them a try, three ideas for different partner workouts, safety tips, warm-up exercises, cool down after doing partner workouts, equipment needed, benefits of doing crossfit partner workouts, and examples of common Crossfit partner workouts. So let’s dive right into it!

What Are Crossfit Partner Workouts?

CrossFit partner workouts are essentially two people working out together using strength training and cardio exercises that have been programmed by certified CrossFit coaches. This type of workout usually involves performing various movements at high intensity levels as quickly as possible in order to maximize results. The movements can range from simple bodyweight exercises like squats or burpees to more complex lifts such as clean and jerks or snatch. Partner workouts also involve teamwork and camaraderie which helps keep motivation levels high throughout the session.

Why Should You Try Crossfit Partner Workouts?

There are many reasons why Crossfit partner workouts may be beneficial to you. For starters, having someone to motivate and challenge you during the workout can help push you beyond your comfort zone and reach new goals faster than if you were alone. Working out with a friend can also make the process more enjoyable as there is nothing quite like having someone who can share in your success and frustrations. Finally, Crossfit partner workouts provide variety and spice to your regular fitness routine which will help prevent boredom and burnout.

Three Ideas For Crossfit Partner Workouts

  1. Competitive Races – A competitive race is one where two partners compete against each other to see who finishes first. These races can involve anything from running on a treadmill or rowing machine to completing AMRAPs (as many reps/rounds as possible) with weights. Whichever partner finishes their set of reps or rounds fastest wins the competition.
  2. Team Exercises – Team exercises involve both partners working together towards a common goal such as completing a certain number of reps or sets of an exercise within a given time frame. During these exercises, communication between partners is essential in order to stay on track and remain motivated.
  3. Strength Training – Strength training exercises are performed by two partners taking turns lifting heavy weights and spotting each other. This allows each person to rest between sets and ensures proper form is maintained when lifting heavier weights. It also helps build trust between partners as they rely on each other for support.

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Safety Tips For Crossfit Partner Workouts

Before attempting any kind of partner workout, it is important to follow some safety precautions in order to avoid injury or discomfort:
1. Warm Up – Before beginning any type of workout it is important to do a few minutes of light stretching and dynamic movement to warm up the muscles and joints. This will reduce the risk of pulled muscles or sprains during the exercise.
2. Communicate With Your Partner – Communication between partners is key when doing any type of partner workout as it ensures everyone is following the same plan and understand what the expectations are. Discuss beforehand how long you want the session to last and agree on a plan so that no one gets left behind.
3. Wear Proper Footwear – Make sure that both partners are wearing appropriate shoes that provide enough support for the activity being done and ensure that any footwear has good grip in order to avoid slipping or falling.
4. Stay Hydrated – Keep a water bottle handy during the workout session and take frequent breaks if necessary to stay hydrated and prevent exhaustion.

Warm-Up Exercises Before Doing Partner Workouts

In order to prepare your body for a CrossFit partner workout, it is recommended to do a 5-10 minute warm-up consisting of dynamic stretches, foam rolling, core activation drills, and jumping rope or jogging lightly on the spot. Dynamic stretches such as leg swings, arm circles, torso twists, and hip openers should be included in the warm-up routine in order to activate the major muscle groups before starting the actual workout. Foam rolling helps loosen tight muscles and break down adhesions that could cause pain or discomfort during the exercise. Core activation drills such as mountain climbers, plank variations, bird dogs, hollow holds, bridges etc., will further increase blood flow to the core area resulting in improved stability and balance during the main workout portion. Jumping rope or jogging lightly on the spot will raise the heart rate and help prime the cardiovascular system for higher intensity activities later on in the session.

Cool Down After Doing Partner Workouts

After finishing a CrossFit partner workout it is important to take a few minutes to perform static stretching exercises in order to lengthen the muscles back out again. Static stretches should focus mainly on areas used during the workout such as arms, chest, legs, shoulders etc., and should not be held for longer than 15-20 seconds per stretch. Performing static stretching post-workout will improve flexibility and mobility in those muscles which will ultimately lead to better performance during future sessions.

Equipment Needed For Crossfit Partner Workouts

The equipment needed for a successful CrossFit partner workout largely depends on what type of exercises are chosen for that particular session. Generally speaking, basic items such as resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, boxes or benches for box jumps etc., medicine balls, skipping ropes etc., should all be available at most gyms but it is always best to double check ahead of time if unsure about specific requirements.

Benefits Of Doing Crossfit Partner Workouts

Doing CrossFit partner workouts provides numerous physical and mental benefits including increased strength and endurance, improved coordination and balance, enhanced focus and concentration skills, boosted metabolism leading to better fat burning potential, stress relief due to endorphin release caused by exercising at high intensity levels, improved social skills due to teamwork element involved in partner workouts etc. Furthermore, having a buddy to train with makes workouts much more enjoyable compared to solo sessions thus making them easier to stick with over time.

Examples Of Common Crossfit Partner Workouts

Examples of common CrossFit partner workouts include relay sprints; med ball passes; tire flips; farmers carries; barbell complexes; battle ropes; kettlebell circuits; AMRAPs involving pull-ups or wall balls; “piggyback” runs where one partner carries another around the gym; shoulder presses off a box jump; burpee contests; tricep dips with a partner providing counterbalance etc.. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating unique and exciting partner workouts!


CrossFit partner workouts can be an extremely effective way of pushing yourself harder than ever before while still having fun with a friend. They offer numerous physical and mental benefits along with plenty of opportunities for creativity when it comes to programming exercises for each session. As long as proper safety measures are taken care of prior to starting the workout then anyone can enjoy all the amazing benefits provided by partnering up for their next workout session!

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