CrossFit Partner WODs – Get Ready for an Epic Workout!

Are you looking for an exciting way to get fit with a friend or family member? Look no further than CrossFit partner WODs – the perfect way to challenge each other while getting in shape.

CrossFit has become one of the most popular forms of exercise due to its intense workouts that focus on both strength and endurance training. And now, you can take it up a notch by doing CrossFit partner WODs (Workout of the Day). Partner WODs are designed to be done together with a partner and offer numerous benefits over solo workouts. In this post, we’ll introduce you to what CrossFit partner WODs are all about, provide some example exercises and tips to get started, and discuss alternative types of partner workouts.

1st CrossFit Partner WOD Idea

A classic CrossFit partner WOD is the bear complex: This includes five reps of seven movements—deadlift, hang clean, front squat, press, back squat, and push press. Each rep should be completed without putting down the barbell. To make sure your form is correct, have your partner watch as you do the reps. Then switch off and let them complete the same number of reps.

crossfit partner wods

2nd CrossFit Partner WOD Idea

For something more challenging, try The Firebreather. Start by having your partner perform 20 burpees followed by 10 alternating dumbbell snatches, then switch places. For the next round, your partner will start with 10 toes-to-bar and finish with 20 double-unders. Continue like this until you’ve reached 100 total reps each.

3rd CrossFit Partner WOD Idea

Finally, give Power Cleans a try! Your partner starts by performing 8 power cleans from the ground to overhead before passing the weight onto you. You’ll follow suit and do the same, passing it back to your partner when you’re finished. Once both partners have completed eight power cleans each, move onto the next set of reps. Repeat until you reach 32 reps each.

Benefits of Doing CrossFit Partner WODs

There are several key benefits to taking part in CrossFit partner WODs. First of all, they’re much more motivating than regular workouts because you have someone there encouraging you throughout. Secondly, they’re great for building teamwork and communication skills, which can help improve relationships outside of the gym. Finally, CrossFit partner WODs allow you to challenge yourself further since you don’t want to let your partner down.

Tips for Starting Your CrossFit Partner WOD Journey

When starting out, keep these few tips in mind: Firstly, choose an experienced partner who knows how to do the moves correctly and safely. It also helps if you share similar goals and abilities so that you can work together effectively. When creating your routine, select exercises that use different muscle groups so that neither partner gets overly fatigued. Also, make sure to stay hydrated and fueled during your workout!

Finding a Good CrossFit Partner

If you’re looking for a good CrossFit partner, consider joining a local group or box (gym) where people often come together for joint classes and sessions. Or check online forums and social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook – many athletes post photos of themselves working out and invite others to join them in their fitness journey.

Alternative Types of CrossFit Partner WODs

If you don’t feel comfortable competing against another person yet, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to enjoy team-based workouts. Consider trying “one versus all” style workouts where one athlete completes a specific exercise before moving onto the next one while their teammates rest between sets. You could also opt for “side-by-side” workouts where each athlete does the same exercise at the same time but on different weights or levels of intensity.

Variations of CrossFit Partner WODs

If you find that you’re not enjoying traditional partner WODs anymore, why not switch things up by incorporating new elements into your workouts? Try combining cardio and strength training by alternating running or rowing intervals with bodyweight exercises or lifting weights. If possible, add a competitive element by keeping track of time or counting reps – just make sure to adjust the intensity according to your ability level.


Whether you’re just getting into fitness or are already well versed in CrossFit techniques, CrossFit partner WODs are a great way to push yourself harder while still having fun with a friend or family member. So grab a buddy and get ready for an epic workout experience!

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