Choosing Crossfit Girl Names – Your Ultimate Guide

Naming your baby is a big decision. Finding the perfect name for an active, athletic child can be even more challenging. If you have a daughter who loves CrossFit and is passionate about staying fit and healthy, then choosing the right name could be key to helping her reach her goals. In this blog post we’ll look at different types of crossfit girl names and how to choose the best one for your little one.

Introduction to Crossfit Girl Names

CrossFit is a popular fitness program that incorporates high intensity interval training (HIIT), weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, calisthenics and powerlifting. It’s also become increasingly popular among women as they strive to stay strong and healthy. Naming your daughter after something related to CrossFit or athletics in general is a great way to honor her passion and dedication to physical activity.

Unique Crossfit Girl Names

If you’re looking for something truly unique for your daughter, there are plenty of crossfit-inspired options out there. Consider using words like “dash”, “hurdle” or “climb” for more creative options. Or you could go with something more classic such as “Violet” or “Ava”. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s meaningful and special to both of you.

Popular Crossfit Girl Names

When it comes to naming girls, some parents opt for something that already has cultural cache—like Sophia or Isabella. For those seeking a modern twist on these classics, consider swapping in names like Brooklyn or Cora which still remain highly popular today.

Strength-Inspired Crossfit Girl Names

Another option is to draw inspiration from words that embody strength and resilience. Examples include Freya, Athena, Adira or Scarlett—all of which evoke courage and bravery. These kinds of names will help set your daughter up for success and give her confidence throughout her life.

Gymnastics-Inspired Crossfit Girl Names

For those looking for something that celebrates their daughter’s skill and finesse in the gym, consider picking a name inspired by her favorite sport. Think along the lines of Swan, Flip, Trampoline, Vaulter or Leap for more whimsical choices. Alternatively, if you want to keep things classic try Brieanna or Daisy for more traditional alternatives.

Classic Crossfit Girl Names

Sometimes the best option is just sticking to tried-and-true classics like Elizabeth, Grace, Olivia or Abigail. These timeless monikers have stood the test of time and represent femininity in its purest form. Plus, your daughter will likely never run into anyone else with her exact same name!

Creative Crossfit Girl Names

Those wanting to express their daughter’s uniqueness can explore crossfit-related word combinations like FitJill or DashMarie. Mixing two separate words together is a great way to create a completely new moniker and provide your daughter with something totally unique and unexpected.

crossfit girl names

Mythology-Inspired Crossfit Girl Names

Finally, if you’re looking for a powerful yet feminine pick that speaks to your daughter’s inner warrior princess, consider turning towards mythology. Names like Aurora or Selene are perfect for instilling strength and courage within your little one—both during her workout sessions and in everyday life.

Using Popular Baby Name Sites for Inspiration

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas yourself, then don’t forget to take advantage of popular online resources like Behind The Name and Nameberry. These websites compile lists of trending baby names across all genres so you can get fresh new ideas in no time!


Finding the perfect name for your daughter isn’t always easy but hopefully this blog post has helped inspire some ideas that work for you. Whether you opt for something traditional or completely unique, use these crossfit girl names to help celebrate her enthusiasm for sports and physical activity.

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