GHD Sit Ups for Crossfitters: 3 Reasons to Give Them a Try

CrossFit training has gained immense popularity in recent years, with people of all ages and fitness levels taking advantage of its benefits. One important element of any CrossFit routine is core strength, which can be improved through the use of specific exercises such as the CrossFit GHD (Glute Ham Developer) sit-up. In this blog post, we will discuss what GHD sit-ups are, the benefits they offer for CrossFit training, tips for perfect form when doing them, common mistakes to avoid, differences between regular and assisted GHD sit-ups, building core strength with GHD sit-ups, and creating a successful GHD sit-up program.

What Are GHD Sit-Ups?

GHD sit-ups are an exercise that focuses on the development of your abdominal muscles and lower back, targeting areas like the hip flexors and glutes. They are performed on a piece of equipment called a Glute Ham Developer or GHD. This device helps provide stability while performing the sit-ups, ensuring proper technique and making it easier to reach maximum benefit from each repetition. To do the exercise, you start by sitting down with your feet flat against the platform and reaching up towards the handles. Once in position, you then contract your abs and lift yourself up into a crunching motion until your chest touches your knees before lowering back down. It’s important to maintain good posture throughout the movement and keep your legs extended at all times.

Benefits Of GHD Sit-Ups In CrossFit Training

The main benefit of GHD sit-ups is that they strengthen your core muscles more effectively than traditional ab exercises. When done correctly, these sit-ups also increase your power output during other CrossFit movements like squats and deadlifts. Furthermore, because the entire body is engaged during a GHD sit-up session, you’re able to burn more calories and reduce body fat faster than just focusing on isolated exercises. Additionally, the focus on core strengthening helps improve overall performance in daily life activities like running and jumping.

Tips For Perfect Form When Doing GHD Sit-Ups

When doing GHD sit-ups, there are several key points to remember for achieving optimal results. Firstly, make sure to engage your abs and drive your hips forward throughout the entire range of motion. Secondly, keep your spine neutral and maintain proper posture throughout each rep. Finally, control the descent phase of the movement by engaging your abdominals instead of allowing gravity to pull you down. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of every single rep.

3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate GHD Sit-Ups Into Your Routine

  1. Increased Core Strength – As mentioned earlier, GHD sit-ups help build core strength which is essential for efficient movement in day to day activities.
  2. Improved Posture – Because these exercises target deep core muscles, they help improve posture by correcting imbalances in muscle tone around the spine.
  3. Increased Calorie Burn – As a compound exercise that engages multiple muscles groups simultaneously, GHD sit-ups boost metabolism leading to increased calorie burn during workouts.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During GHD Sit-Ups

It’s easy to rush through GHD sit-ups without paying attention to form. However, poor form can lead to serious injuries so it’s important to be mindful of potential errors such as arching your back during the movement or not driving your hips forward enough. Taking too long between reps can also affect the effectiveness of the exercise so try to stay consistent with your timing and breathing patterns.

The Difference Between Regular And Assisted GHD Sit-Ups

Regular GHD sit-ups involve using just bodyweight while assisted GHD sit-ups require additional resistance either in the form of weights or bands attached to the handles. Both forms of this exercise have their own unique advantages depending on individual goals. If you’re looking to increase power output during other CrossFit movements, regular GHD sit-ups would likely be more beneficial whereas if you want to build muscle mass assisted GHD sit-ups might be better suited.

Building Core Strength With GHD Sit-Ups

In addition to improving power output and increasing calorie burn, one of the main benefits of incorporating GHD sit-ups into your routine is that it strengthens the core muscles more effectively than other ab exercises. Strengthening these deep muscles helps promote correct spinal alignment which reduces risk of injury in other CrossFit movements and daily activities alike. Plus, having strong core muscles can also enhance athletic performance due to improved balance and coordination.

crossfit ghd sit ups

What Type Of Equipment Is Needed For GHD Sit-Ups?

To perform GHD sit-ups correctly and safely, you’ll need access to a Glute Ham Developer or similar piece of specialized equipment such as a hyperextension bench. While some gyms may already have one installed, if not you should look into purchasing one online as these pieces of equipment don’t tend to be very expensive yet still provide excellent results when used correctly.

Incorporating Other Exercises Into Your GHD Sit-Up Routine

GHD sit-ups alone won’t give you six pack abs overnight but they can be incorporated into larger workout routines along with other exercises for greater effect. Some good examples include Russian twists and hanging leg raises which both work well alongside GHD sit-ups for maximizing gains in abdominal strength and definition. Just be sure to warm up properly before attempting any strenuous activity and always prioritize safety first above anything else!

Creating A Successful GHD Sit-Up Program

Creating a successful program around GHD sit-ups requires dedication and consistency in order to see lasting improvements in core strength and power output. Start off by selecting how many sets/reps per session you wish to complete followed by adding rest periods in between each set based on personal preferences or recommendations from trainers/physicians if necessary. Lastly, monitor progress over time using methods such as measuring waist circumference or recording weight lifted during deadlifts and squats – this will enable you to identify whether changes need to be made in order to meet desired goals or adjust intensity accordingly.


CrossFit GHD sit ups are an effective way of developing core strength and improving power output during other CrossFit movements. By following tips for perfect form when doing them, avoiding common mistakes, understanding the difference between regular and assisted variations, incorporating other exercises into your routine, and creating a successful program tailored specifically to your needs; anyone can experience increased benefits from this type of exercise regardless of their current level of fitness.

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