CrossFit Devil Press: Get a Stronger Core with This Exercise

CrossFit Devil Press is an intense exercise used to increase core strength and overall fitness. This dynamic movement requires a combination of balance, coordination, and endurance. It can be adapted for any skill level but should always be done with caution. To maximize the benefits of this exercise it is important to have proper form and technique as well as appropriate equipment. Read on to find out more about CrossFit Devil Press, its benefits, what equipment you need, how to do it safely and effectively, variations of the exercise, and tips to get the most out of your workout.

What Is CrossFit Devil Press?

The CrossFit Devil Press is a functional movement that combines elements of pressing, squatting, and explosive power into one full-body movement. It requires coordination, balance, mobility, strength, stability, and endurance which makes it great for strengthening all aspects of physical fitness. It involves grabbing two dumbbells or kettlebells (depending on the weight used) and performing alternating overhead presses while transitioning between a standing and a squatting position.

Benefits Of The CrossFit Devil Press

The CrossFit Devil Press provides several benefits for athletes of any skill level. This exercise increases muscular strength and endurance throughout the entire body by targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Additionally, it increases core strength and helps build explosiveness in legs and arms. By incorporating multiple movement patterns it also improves coordination and balance. Other potential benefits include improved hip mobility, better posture, greater range of motion, and increased stamina.

Equipment Needed For CrossFit Devil Press

This exercise uses weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells depending on the amount of resistance needed for the particular user. Before beginning the exercise, make sure that the weights are secure and will not slip during the movement. Beginners may use lighter weights until they become accustomed to the correct form and technique before moving onto heavier ones.

Form And Technique For Doing CrossFit Devil Press

Begin by standing with feet shoulder-width apart and holding two dumbbells or kettlebells at chest level. Keep abs tight, back straight and knees slightly bent. Lower yourself down into a squat position and quickly stand back up while pressing the weights above your head in an alternating fashion. Make sure to keep arms straight throughout the exercise and stay balanced at all times. Then slowly lower the weights back down to your chest and repeat the sequence for 10-12 repetitions.

Precautions When Performing CrossFit Devil Press

As with any new exercise routine, it’s important to take precautions when doing CrossFit Devil Press. If you feel any pain or discomfort during the exercise stop immediately. Be aware of your own limitations when lifting heavy weights and ask for help from a qualified trainer if needed. Also be mindful of proper breathing techniques – inhale deeply before each press and exhale when pushing up.

Muscles Targeted With CrossFit Devil Press

The primary muscles targeted with CrossFit Devil Press are shoulders, arms, core, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. However, because this exercise is so dynamic other muscle groups such as lats, traps, rotator cuffs, triceps and obliques will also receive some benefit from it.

Variations Of CrossFit Devil Press

There are many ways to vary the intensity and difficulty of this exercise. One way is to hold lighter weights and move faster through the movements. Another variation is to add extra reps or sets. Increasing the speed of the exercise is also another option. Additionally, adding additional movements like burpees can further challenge the body and provide an even bigger boost to your workout plan.

Incorporating CrossFit Devil Press Into Your Workout Plan

CrossFit Devil Press can easily be incorporated into your regular workout routine as either a warmup or part of an advanced program depending on your goals and current fitness level. As a beginner it’s best to start off slow and focus on getting the form right first before gradually increasing the number of reps or sets. Start by doing 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps then adjust accordingly as needed.

Exercises That Can Be Combined With CrossFit Devil Press

CrossFit Devil Press can be combined with other exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, pull ups, pushups or burpees to create a more challenging workout plan. It is important to mix up different exercises so that your body does not get too used to any one type of movement pattern over time. This ensures that you will continue to see results in both strength and endurance levels without plateauing too soon.

CrossFit Devil Press

Tips For A Successful CrossFit Devil Press Workout

1) Focus on good form: Proper form is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of this exercise while minimizing injury risk. Make sure you are keeping your core engaged throughout the entire motion and your arms remain extended at all times.
2) Maintain control: Control the descent of the weights rather than dropping them too fast – this will allow you to maintain tension throughout the whole body during the movement for maximum effect.
3) Breathe correctly: Inhale deeply before each press and exhale as you push up. This will ensure that you don’t lose breath halfway through the set resulting in poor performance and/or fatigue setting in prematurely.
4) Use variety: Switch things up every once in awhile by using different weights or trying different variations of the exercise such as those listed earlier in this post. This will prevent boredom from setting in and will also challenge your body in different ways so that progress can be seen much sooner than if only sticking with one type of exercise routine forever.


CrossFit Devil Press is an excellent full-body exercise that builds strength and endurance throughout the entire body while improving coordination, balance, mobility and flexibility as well. Make sure to incorporate it into your workout routine properly – pay attention to good form and technique, use a suitable weight for your skill level, utilize variations where applicable, and remember to breathe correctly while executing each rep. Following these steps will guarantee success in achieving your fitness goals!

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