Everything You Need to Know About Crossfit Clean

For those looking to try something new and get the most out of their workout routine, CrossFit Clean may be their answer. CrossFit Clean is a form of exercise that combines strength training, powerlifting, and traditional fitness to help people reach their goals. This blog will cover what CrossFit Clean is, the many benefits it offers, tips on how to get started, some common mistakes to avoid, the equipment needed, workout variations, expected results, and nutritional tips. So, if you’ve ever wanted to try CrossFit Clean, this blog post will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

What is CrossFit Clean?

CrossFit Clean is a strength exercise consisting of a barbell movement used in CrossFit workouts. It’s a full body workout that requires speed, power, and accuracy when done correctly. This exercise is a compound move that engages various muscle groups throughout the body, targeting the quadriceps, back, core and shoulders. To execute a CrossFit Clean correctly, the barbell must be moved from the ground to your shoulders with a powerful and explosive movement, such as a jump.

The Benefits of CrossFit Clean

CrossFit Clean is an efficient and effective full body workout with tremendous benefits. It increases muscular strength, power and endurance, as well as improves flexibility, balance, and coordination. It also boosts endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity as well as burns calories. Additionally, this exercise engages the entire body, creating better muscle symmetry and helping to prevent injury.On the mental side, CrossFit Clean promotes discipline, focus, and perseverance, which can be broadly applied to other areas of life.

Proper Technique and Demonstration

When doing the CrossFit Clean exercise, proper form is key. Start by properly setting up with feet shoulder-width apart, grip just outside hip width, hips back, weight on heels and shins vertical. Perform a short squat to set up the power phase, then forcefully extend your hips, knees, and ankles. Keep your arms long and rigid, and move the bar up your body as you jump back. As the bar reaches your shoulders, drop your body underneath and catch the bar in the bottom of the squat. With the bar securely on your shoulders, stand and press the bar overhead. You can watch a demonstration of this exercise on YouTube for more details.

CrossFit Clean in Competition

CrossFit Clean is a popular exercise used in CrossFit competitions. For example, at the 2016 CrossFit Games, athletes had to make their way through a series of obstacles that consisted of 10 CrossFits Cleans at 155 in a row. At the end of this challenge, the competitor with the fastest time was crowned the champion. With competitions like this being held year-round, CrossFit Clean is an exercise that all CrossFitters should master.

Safety and Injuries Associated With CrossFit Clean

CrossFit Clean can be a risky exercise to perform if not done correctly. It’s important to always warm up before starting, focus on technique, use proper weight, and take breaks as needed. Also, wearing a support belt, sleeves or wraps may help. Common injuries associated with CrossFit Clean include lower back issues, shoulder impingement, an elbow or knee strain, or a wrist sprain.

Variations of CrossFit Clean

CrossFit Clean can be modified to target different muscle groups. For example, the Hang Clean below the Knee variation pulls the bar to just above the knees, and focuses on working the quads and glutes. The Hang Clean above Knee variation lifts the barbell to the waistline and hits more of the hamstrings and back muscles. The Full Clean raises the barbell over the head, engaging the traps, back, triceps, and core. Each variation of CrossFit Clean has its benefits, so it’s important to incorporate them into your workouts.

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Benefits of Doing CrossFit Clean

One of the most effective workouts to help improve overall athletic performance is CrossFit Clean. It is a vigorous, high-intensity workout comprised of combined exercises targeting major muscle groups. The benefits of CrossFit Clean are vast, stemming far beyond just physical strength but also having a positive effect on your flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Improved Athletic Performance

CrossFit Clean can be beneficial to athletes of all levels as it focuses on strengthening and developing multiple muscle groups. This type of lift exercises helps to create a diverse workout that increases overall strength and power. The combination of explosive movements and barbell lifts activate many muscles in one workout, resulting in quicker maximum force production power.

Increased Cardiovascular Function

CrossFit Clean can also help to improve your cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate during intense workouts. The repetitive nature of the exercises, paired with the high-intensity focus, is effective in encouraging blood flow and oxygen intake. This helps to increase your heart and lung capacity, as well as your overall cardiovascular endurance.

Improved Flexibility and Mobility

CrossFit Clean is a full body workout that offers a wide range of mobility and flexibility benefits. The dynamic and explosive movements teaches muscle coordination and balance, helping you to increase your range of motion. Additionally, focusing on multiple muscle groups during each exercise helps to create a better balance of strength and flexibility, allowing you to move fluidly.

Increased Muscle Endurance

As with any strength workout, gaining muscle endurance is one of the major goals. CrossFit Clean lends itself perfectly to this type of work because it utilizes a variety of exercises, focusing on different muscles in the body. Completing multiple repetitions boosts muscle conditioning, allowing your body to adjust quickly and push the boundaries.

Improved Core Strength

CrossFit Clean offers short sets of lighter weights to help improve core strength. The focus and control required for these exercises helps to develop and activate your core muscle groups. The overall balance and stability gained from CrossFit Clean workouts helps to maximize muscular strength and support your body during other exercises.

CrossFit Clean offers countless benefits and should be a part of any overall fitness regime. Whether you’re looking to increase your strength, flexibility, or muscle endurance, CrossFit Clean can help you reach those goals. So give it a try and experience the positive impact it can have on your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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Tips for Getting Started with CrossFit Clean

CrossFit Clean is one of the most technical and difficult weightlifting movements, so it’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the proper technique and form, assemble the essential gear and warm up properly to ensure you’re moving safely and efficiently.

Understand the Proper Technique and Form

To maximize the benefits of the movement and minimize your chance of injury, it’s important to learn the correct form and technique for CrossFit Clean. Start by studying some of the basics, such as body mechanics, the set up and position, cue points, and how to move efficiently. Experiment with the different movements and postures to find the ones that work best for you.

Essential Gear

You’ll need certain pieces of gym gear to make sure each lift is performed as safely and effectively as possible. A weightlifting belt, wrist wraps, and either Olympic weightlifting shoes or Chucks are the most important pieces of gear for CrossFit Clean. A belt is essential for stabilizing your spine and back during the lifts and getting a powerful hip drive. Wrist straps improve the grip on the barbell, so you can handle a heavier load. Lifting shoes typically provide more stability and ankle range of motion compared to regular trainers, so you can move more efficiently.

Warm Up & Mobility

Do some dynamic stretches and mobility work before you begin circuit training to prepare your body for the exercises. Foam rolling and dynamic stretching will help release tight muscles, decrease the risk of injury, and improve your range of motion. You should also practice the CrossFit Clean movements without adding weight until you feel confident in your form and technique.

Work with a CrossFit Coach

Reach out to a qualified and experienced CrossFit coach to help you understand the technique and form of the Clean. Coaches can monitor your form and show you how to adjust your movements if needed. They can also give you customized advice on the proper sets and reps for your fitness level and goals.

Set Up Your Equipment

Both CrossFit gym equipment and home-gym gear should be properly set up for a successful and safe CrossFit Clean. Make sure the barbell and plates are set up correctly before you begin the movements. It’s also important to check the ground or surface where you’ll be performing the exercises.

Start with a Lower Weight

It’s important to start with a lighter weight so you can focus on form and technique, and on coordinating your muscles in the right order. Start with an empty barbell to practice the motions and slowly progress to weights that are challenging yet comfortable. Once you are confident with form and technique, you can slowly increase the weight.

Filter Time

Filter time is the amount of time it takes to properly complete the exercise and the time to rest. Working with a filter time helps you to practice pacing your movements effectively. It also helps you get used to a slow and controlled tempo and prepare for your heavier lifts.

Practice a Variety of Weights

Working on CrossFit Clean with different weights is the best way to challenge your body and build strength. As you practice the movements with lighter weights, you’ll become more efficient at transitioning from the setup, power position, and pull, and more confident with heavier lifts.

By following the tips outlined here and getting guidance from an experienced coach, you’ll be on your way to mastering CrossFit Clean. Just remember that it takes time and patience to learn how to properly execute the movement. Take your time and focus on correct form, then gradually increase the weight. You’ll soon see the results and reap the benefits.

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Common Mistakes When Doing CrossFit Clean

CrossFit clean is an impressive exercise that requires a combination of speed, power, and technique in order to be performed properly. While many athletes use proper form when executing the exercise, there are some common mistakes that can prevent them from getting the most out of the lift.

Not Getting Low Enough

One of the most common mistakes when performing the CrossFit clean is not getting low enough. This prevents the athlete from putting their body in the correct alignment and using the full range of motion needed for the exercise. Without adequate depth, the athlete may experience reduced power output and incorrect technique.

Not Driving the Knees Back

Not driving the knees back can be especially common for athletes with tight hips. Without driving the knees back, the CrossFit clean suffers and can be almost impossible to execute. Properly driving the knees back ensures the athlete is properly positioned for the rest of the lift.

Not Being Patient on the Pull

Athletes may also get anxious to get their chest up and finish the lift. This often results in them pulling the bar too high, which makes it difficult to drop underneath it and successfully complete the lift. Patience is key here, as the athlete needs to make sure they are able to stay under the bar and maintain good posture throughout the move.

Failing to Finish with the Arms

Finishing with the arms is critical to successfully complete the lift. Initial contact with the hips must be solid and the arms and elbows need to be locked out to finish with a successful lift. Not finishing with the arms can prevent the athlete from finishing the exercise and puts them at risk for an injury.

Not Bracing for the Catch

When the athlete pulls the bar up, they also need to brace their core for the catch. This will help to keep the bar close to their body and make it easier to finish the lift. Without bracing the core, the bar can easily be pulled away from the athlete and make it impossible to finish the CrossFit clean.

Rushing the Set Up

It is also important to take the time to properly set up for the CrossFit clean. This includes getting the feet in the right position, pre-hinging, and properly setting the shoulders for each rep. Without proper setup, the athlete will have an incomplete or failed lift. Taking the time to properly prepare for each rep is essential to executing the move successfully.

In conclusion, CrossFit clean is an impressive feat that should be performed with a combination of speed, power, and technique. When executing the exercise, there are several common mistakes that can prevent the athlete from achieving their full potential. Taking the time to be aware of and address these mistakes will help the athlete to properly execute the move and maximize the benefits of the exercise.

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CrossFit Equipment Used for Clean Workouts

As any experienced CrossFit athlete knows, the right sort of equipment is essential for achieving the best results during workouts. When it comes to the clean exercises in particular, one must have the right gear to maximize efficiency and avoid injuries.

Basic Equipment

At its basic level, a CrossFit clean workout requires a barbell, plates, a power rack, and a flat, clean surface. Barbells should be seven feet long and weigh at least forty-five pounds. As for plates, one should use bumper plates for safety reasons, allowing a lifter to drop the barbell from overhead with knowing it will not damage the floor. Bumper plates should be of the same width and colour for easy identification.

In addition to basic equipment such as barbells and plates, one may also consider using kettlebells, Power bags, or jump ropes for extra challenge in their CrossFit clean workouts. Kettlebells are great for building power and strength and for working larger muscle groups. Power bags are great for balance and core stability training, while jump ropes are great for building coordination and agility.

Safety Gear

It is also important to use the proper safety gear while performing CrossFit clean workouts. This includes weightlifting shoes, weight belts, knee wraps, and wrist wraps. Weightlifting shoes are designed to give a lifter more stability when lifting heavier weights. Weight belts help keep the torso rigid during heavy lifting, and assist in preventing lower back strain and injury. Knee and wrist wraps help protect the joints, while giving more support and limiting range of motion.

When using safety gear, always exercise caution and pay attention to how it fits and how it feels during the workout. Properly fitted gear ensures greater strength and stability, as well as a greater range of motion and a safe workout.

Weight Room Towels

Weight room towels are often overlooked, but are an essential part of a CrossFit clean session. As an athlete moves and lifts, weight room towels are a great way to keep the floor and equipment clean. Just keep one handy to wipe off sweat and other moisture from the equipment and floor.

Utilizing a Squat Rack

Also known as a power rack, a squat rack is a great addition to CrossFit clean workouts. Squat racks are designed to provide stability, safety, and control when performing complex movements. The power rack can be used to do rack pulls, front squats, snatch grip deadlifts and many other exercises.

Bumpers or Non-Bumpers

Whether you choose to use bumper plates or regular weights for your CrossFit clean workouts is largely dependent on what your goals are. Bumper plates are generally more expensive, but provide better safety and more convenience. On the other hand, regular weights provide an added challenge and can help build strength, though they can be less safe.

WOD Lifestyle Accessories

Finally, having the right clothing and accessories for CrossFit clean workouts is essential for boosting motivation and performance. Accessories like lifting straps and chalk can help improve grip and provide more stability, while headbands keep sweat from running into your eyes. Compression clothes are essential for a comfortable workout and help maintain body temperature. The right gear can make a big difference in how effective a workout is.

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Workout Variations for CrossFit Clean

CrossFit is an increasingly popular sport that combines cardiovascular exercises with strength training. One of the key exercises for CrossFit is known as the clean. This effective move helps build strength and power, and can increase explosive movements. In this article, we will discuss some variations of the CrossFit clean that can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Hang Clean

Perhaps the most widely recognized of the CrossFit clean variations is the hang clean. This exercise targets the hips, speed, and proper technique needed to properly execute a clean. To do the exercise, you’ll begin with a bent-over position, the barbell hanging in front of the knees. Then, drive the heels into the ground, thrusting your hips forward in a partial squat as you pull the weight up without ever changing the angle of your hips and torso. The weight should end up in front of your chest with the arms being bent and the elbows in front of the bar.

Power Clean

The power clean is similar in motion to the Hang Clean, but designed to increase power and explosiveness. The motion looks much the same as the hang clean, but the motion will end by standing with hip and knee extension, completing the move with the arms locked out. The power clean requires slightly more force, so it’s great for athletes trying to build strength and speed.

Power Clean and Jerk

Another popular CrossFit clean variation combines the power clean with a jerk. This complex exercise helps with balance, coordination, and concentration as you complete the combo move. To start the exercise, perform a power clean, and as you extend into the standing position, drive the bar overhead with your arms still extended. As you land the barbell, quickly move the feet back into a split position and push the barbell up until the arms are locked out.

Squat Clean and Jerk

Similar to the power clean and jerk, the squat clean and jerk is designed to create even more power and explosiveness. This exercise requires the use of both shoulders and hips as you drive the barbell up in the air. To begin, lower yourself into a squat and perform the clean motion until you’re holding the barbell on your shoulders. Your feet should remain wide as you squat, and then stand pushing the weight up in the air as you extend your hips and knees. Once your arms are locked, move your feet into a split stance and press the weight up.

Clean Pull

The clean pull is a great lighter workout and good for reinforcing proper form. To begin, stand with the barbell in your hands and the arms fully extended. With your back flat, move into a full squat position, thrusting your hips forward as you pull the barbell up towards your hips. At the top, be sure to keep your arms straight.

Clean Grip Deadlift

This effective exercise is a great choice for improving form, speed and pulling power. Start with the barbell on the ground, your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Grip the bar with your hands slightly wider than your legs and keep your back flat as you lift the weight off the ground and stand until your hips and knees are both fully extended. Finish the move with the arms hanging straight and hold for one second.

Squat Clean Press

The squat clean press is an effective exercise for increasing shoulder and upper back strength. It requires speed and explosiveness, as the motion starts with a squat then transitions into a press overhead. Begin with the barbell resting on the shoulders and lower into a deep squat. As you stand, press the barbell up, pushing your hands and body as far away as you can.

Clean and Push Jerk

This complex exercise is great for developing power, mobility, and explosiveness. The motion begins with a clean, transferring the barbell to the shoulders, and finishing with a push jerk. Start by flexing knees and hips and explosively extending them to gain the momentum needed to transfer the barbell to your shoulders. As you stand, extend the arms and lock out the elbows, pressing the weight up from the shoulders. Move your feet into a split position and press the barbell up.

Clean and Press

The clean and press is a foundational move for clean and jerks. Start with the barbell on the floor, stand and grip the bar in an overhand grip. With the knees slightly bent, position the arms near your shoulders and drive the weight up. As you stand, use your legs and arms to press the weight up. You can also break up the move, by stopping after the clean, and holding the weight in the shoulder position before pressing up.

Burpee Broad Jump

This exercise is great for improving agility, speed, and explosiveness. Begin in a standing position and lower into a squat. Place your hands on the ground and quickly jump your feet back and land into a plank. From the plank, quickly jump your feet forward and land back into a squat. Now, leap forward as far as you can and repeat for the desired number of sets.

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Incorporating Other Exercises Into Your CrossFit Clean Routine

Are you sick of the same CrossFit clean routine every day? Keeping a routine is a great way to stay motivated, but even the most dedicated exercise-goers get bored of repeating the same thing day after day. Incorporating other exercises into your routine is a great way to challenge yourself and keep your routine from getting stale.

Weights and equipment are a great way to tailor your workout to your specific needs, and add variety. Squats, weighted or unweighted, deadlifts, overhead presses, and kettlebell swings are all examples of exercises you can use to supplement your clean routine. Or, if you’re short on space or unable to afford equipment, consider bodyweight exercises like burpees, planks, mountain climbers, and lunges.

In addition to keeping your routine fresh and helping you stay motivated, incorporating other exercises can also help you target weaker muscles or build strength in areas you want to focus on. For example, if your quads are relatively strong but you want to work on glute and hamstring strength, your clean routine can be supplemented with lunges, box jumps, and sumo squats.

No matter your fitness level or goals, if you are new to fitness or CrossFit, make sure you get proper instruction and warm up before attempting any new exercises. The wrong form can cause injury or could make your exercise routine ineffective. Utilize experienced and certified coaches, trainers, and peers to support proper form and to prevent injury.

Incorporating variety into your clean CrossFit routine is an easy and effective way to challenge yourself while meeting your health and fitness goals. Whether you prefer weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, or some combination thereof, you can tailor your routine to your needs and keep yourself motivated and engaged.

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Expected Results from Doing CrossFit Clean

CrossFit Clean is a great exercise for those looking to increase their strength, range of motion, and balance. It’s an effective weight lifting exercise that requires considerable balance, focus, and technique. I’ve done CrossFit Clean for several weeks and can tell you that the results are definitely worth it.

Increased Strength

CrossFit Clean is a great exercise that helps strengthen the muscles used for everyday activities like carrying groceries, walking up the stairs, and other body movements. A recent study showed that by doing the CrossFit clean several times a week, strength can increase by an incredible 20 percent. After several weeks of CrossFit clean, I’ve personally noticed a considerable strength increase in several muscle groups.

Improved Range of Motion

Along with strength, CrossFit clean also increases flexibility and range of motion. Having stiff shoulders is an issue many people face, myself included, and doing CrossFit clean regularly has helped improve my range of motion significantly. Flexibility of the joints and muscles will not only improve general wellbeing, but will also reduce the chance of injury during daily activities.

Improved Balance

The thing that the CrossFit Clean does the best for me is improve my balance. Doing CrossFit Clean requires you to balance in different positions, which helps build muscular endurance and improve overall balance. Many studies have shown that CrossFit clean can help improve balance, leading to better posture and fewer falls or injuries. After weeks of CrossFit clean I started to notice that my balance improved significantly, both while standing still and while in motion.

Overall, I highly recommend CrossFit Clean. Not only is it a great way to improve strength, range of motion, and balance, but it can also help reduce the chances of injury. Also, doing CrossFit Clean is fun and energizes me for the entire day. Results can be seen very quickly and with consistent practice the results can be astonishing.

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Nutrition Tips for Those Doing CrossFit Clean

CrossFit clean offers intense and ever-changing workouts that require a great amount of energy and focus. To be successful, the right nutritional approach is essential, and here are several tips.

Eating Balanced Meals

The foundation of a successful CrossFit clean regimen requires eating a balanced meals that focus on fruit and vegetables for fiber, whole grains for complex carbohydrates, lean proteins for muscle repair, and healthy fats for energy.

Timing Meals

It’s important to ensure that you are timing your meals appropriately to maintain peak performance during WODs. Eating one to three hours before a workout and refueling with a balanced meal within thirty minutes of completing a WOD is key.

Pre-Workout Fuel

For the best results when doing CrossFit clean, it’s important to have the proper fuel by eating a light snack before a workout that contains protein and moderate amounts of carbohydrates. This will give you the energy you need to complete each WOD successfully.

Eating After WODs

To maximize the effectiveness of your CrossFit clean workouts, you must also focus on proper post-workout refueling. After completing a WOD, it’s important to provide your body with the energy and nutrients it needs to maintain and build muscle mass. Consume protein and carbohydrates shortly after the WOD is complete.

Food Supplements

For the best results, consider supplements with protein, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals. Examples include a post-workout protein shake or pills containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Hydrate Before and After

Finally, remember to increase your water intake before and after a WOD to replace any water lost through sweat. This will help ensure that you are performing at your peak and reduce any potential muscle strain during CrossFit clean.

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CrossFit Clean is an excellent workout for those looking to get a full-body workout in a short amount of time. CrossFit Clean can help improve your physical fitness, mental toughness, and endurance in a way that will allow you to continue to progress and take your training to the next level. Not only is CrossFit Clean beneficial, but it is also enjoyable and can add a level of excitement to your workouts that traditional strength training exercises don’t offer. When done correctly and with a focus on technique and form, CrossFit Clean can lead to amazing gains in strength and endurance, helping you achieve a healthier and stronger body. Plus, by incorporating other exercises into a CrossFit Clean routine, you can create more diverse workouts and add in some much-needed variety to your strength training routine. Lastly, by following a healthy diet and monitoring your nutrition while doing CrossFit Clean, you can see maximum results and make sure that you are fueling your body to reach your fitness goals.

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