Getting Started with Crossfit Burpees: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking for a full body exercise that will help you increase strength and improve your overall fitness level? If so, then CrossFit Burpees may be the perfect exercise for you! As part of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, CrossFit Burpees are among the most effective plyometric exercises out there. This post explores what CrossFit Burpees are, their benefits, how to do them correctly, common mistakes to avoid when doing them, modifications for different levels of fitness, advanced CrossFit burpee exercises, nutrition tips for maximizing their benefits, incorporating them into your regular routine, making them fun and interesting, and more.

crossfit burpees

What Are CrossFit Burpees?

CrossFit Burpees is an intense full-body exercise performed as part of a HIIT workout or other aerobic training regimen. They involve moving from a standing position into a plank position with your hands on the ground, performing a push up, jumping back up to a standing position, and finishing with a jump into the air.

The Benefits Of Doing CrossFit Burpees

CrossFit Burpees offer many physical and mental benefits including increased muscle strength and endurance, improved coordination and balance, better core stability, fat burning potential, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of injury and more. Additionally, they can help boost mood and reduce stress levels.

How To Do CrossFit Burpees Correctly

The key to getting the most out of your CrossFit Burpee experience is performing each step correctly. Start by standing upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. From this position lower yourself down into a deep squat before placing both hands flat on the floor in front of you. Then jump your feet backwards until you’re in a plank position with your arms straightened beneath you. Perform one full pushup and then jump your feet forwards towards your hands. Finally, stand up and reach for the sky as you jump up off the floor.

Common Mistakes When Doing CrossFit Burpees

One of the most common mistakes people make when performing CrossFit Burpees is not engaging their core muscles sufficiently. Not engaging your core muscles can lead to poor posture and form which can reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Another mistake people make is not completing the full range of motion during each step of the exercise. Be sure to use all the available movement space when lowering yourself down into a squat and reaching for the sky while jumping up off the floor.

Modifying CrossFit Burpees For Different Fitness Levels

If you’re just starting out with CrossFit Burpees, it’s important to begin with modified versions that suit your current level of fitness. A good way to start is by omitting the jump at the end of the exercise. You can also slow down your movements, focusing on executing each step properly rather than speed. Once you have mastered these basic versions of the exercise, you can gradually increase the intensity by adding jumps, speeding up your reps, or increasing your repetitions.

Building Up To Advanced CrossFit Burpees Exercises

Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin challenging yourself further by introducing additional moves such as mountain climbers and star jumps. These extra elements add an extra layer of complexity and difficulty to your workout but also greatly increase its effectiveness.

Nutrition Tips For Maximizing The Benefits Of CrossFit Burpees

To maximize the benefits of your CrossFit Burpee sessions, it’s important to follow a healthy diet plan. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will provide essential vitamins and minerals that will fuel your workouts and ensure recovery afterwards. Consuming enough protein after working out will help build and maintain muscle mass while consuming carbohydrates beforehand will give you energy for longer and more intense workouts.

Incorporating CrossFit Burpees Into Your Regular Routine

Crossfit Burpees can easily become part of your regular routine by adding them to any HIIT session or setting aside specific days devoted entirely to Crossfit Burpee exercises. Try alternating between light and high intensity workouts throughout the week to keep things interesting and effective without overloading your body too much.

Making CrossFit Burpees Fun And Interesting

There are lots of ways to spice up your CrossFit Burpee routine such as changing up the order of the exercises or adding in new challenges like mountain climbers or star jumps. Keeping track of your progress can also be rewarding; noting down how many reps you were able to complete during each session is a great motivator that will spur you on to reach higher goals next time around. Working out with friends is another great way to stay motivated and enjoy yourself at the same time.


CrossFit Burpees are an incredibly effective full body exercise that offer numerous physical and mental benefits. By following proper technique, incorporating them into a balanced routine, listening to your body’s needs and having fun along the way, anyone can take advantage of these incredible exercises no matter their fitness level.

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