Crossfit For The Holidays: 12 Days of Christmas WODs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here and with it, come delicious treats and plenty of quality time spent with family and friends. But for those who want to stay fit during this season, there is no better gift than a 12 Days of Christmas CrossFit WODs (workout of the day). In this post, we will explore what a “12 Days of Christmas CrossFit WODs” is, as well as provide tips on how to get ready for your holiday workout and some suggested exercises for each day. So grab your Santa hat, set aside some time, and let’s get started!

What Are ’12 Days of Christmas’ CrossFit WODs?

The “12 Days of Christmas” CrossFit WODs consists of twelve days of challenging yet fun workouts that combine cardio, strength training, and conditioning exercises. Each workout is designed to target different areas of your body so you can tone up and feel great during the holiday season.

Benefits of Working Out During the Holiday Season

Exercising regularly during the holiday season has numerous benefits. Not only does it help improve physical health by burning calories, but it also helps boost mental health and reduces stress levels. Additionally, regular exercise increases energy levels and strengthens the immune system, making it easier to resist common winter illnesses such as colds and flus.

Warm Up Exercises for a CrossFit Workout

Before starting any CrossFit workout, it is important to do some warm-up exercises to prepare your body for the movements. This includes dynamic stretching like jogging in place or doing arm circles and shoulder rolls. It is also beneficial to perform some specific exercises related to the movements that will be done later in the workout. For example, if you plan to do pull ups later in the WOD, practice pulling yourself up against an immovable object before starting the actual workout.

Day 1: Double Unders + Pull Ups

To start off our 12 days of Christmas CrossFit WODs, try double unders combined with pull ups. To do double unders, jump rope twice while jumping over the rope instead of once. As for pull ups, hang from a bar using an overhand grip and then pull your chest towards the bar until your chin passes it. Make sure you keep your core tight throughout both exercises and don’t forget to breathe!

Day 2: Front Squat + Push Press

On the second day of Christmas CrossFit WODs, try front squats followed by push presses. Start by standing tall with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight in both hands just below your shoulders. Then lower into a squat position keeping your back straight and chest up. Next, drive through your heels as you stand up pushing the weight overhead until your arms are fully extended. Keep your core engaged and breath out as you press the weight upwards.

Day 3: Hang Power Cleans + Push Jerks

For day three of Christmas CrossFit WODs, add in hang power cleans plus push jerks. Begin in a half-squat position with a weighted barbell in front of you and hands outside shoulder width. Drive through your legs explosively as you pull the barbell up towards your collarbone then quickly dip underneath the bar pushing it above your head. Finish by pushing the barbell away from you extending your arms until they are fully locked out. Remember to keep your core braced throughout all these motions.

Day 4: Snatch + Overhead Squats

Day four combines snatch with overhead squats to really test your balance and stability. Start by gripping the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width with palms facing down and elbows pointing forward. Initiate the lift by driving through your hips as you explosively extend them while simultaneously pressing the barbell directly overhead until your arms are fully extended. From here, begin lowering yourself into a squat position while keeping your elbows pointed forward throughout the entire movement.

Day 5: Deadlifts + Box Jumps

Moving onto day five of Christmas CrossFit WODs, challenge yourself with deadlifts followed by box jumps. Start with feet hip-width apart and toes slightly turned outwards as you hinge at the hips and bend down to grasp the barbell with both hands. Using your glutes and hamstrings, lift the barbell from the ground bringing it up close to your thighs as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then switch gears and move into box jumps; start by standing behind a sturdy box or bench about shin height away from it and quickly swing your arms backwards as you explode upwards propelling yourself onto the top of the box landing softly with knees bent before stepping back down again.

Day 6: Thrusters + Toes to Bar

For day six mix thrusting with toes to bars to really hit those abs hard! Start with feet hip-width apart while holding a dumbbell in each hand near shoulder level. Lower yourself into a quarter-squat position then explosively press upward using your legs as you drive the weights overhead locking out your arms when they reach full extension. Once complete move right into hanging leg raises; begin by hanging from a pull up bar keeping legs straight then slowly bring both knees towards your chest lifting them as high as possible without swinging before releasing back down again.

12 days of christmas crossfit wods

Day 7: Handstand Push Ups + Sit Ups

Day seven brings us handstand pushups plus sit ups which work both upper and lower body muscles simultaneously. Begin by getting into a handstand against a wall either supported or free standing depending on skill level; make sure wrists are stacked under shoulders as you brace your core tightly and draw navel inward before beginning the movement. Slowly lower yourself downwards as far as possible before pressing back up again squeezing your glutes when you reach the top position. After completing several reps transition into sit ups; lay flat on your back with knees bent and feet planted firmly on the ground before raising torso up towards knees while engaging abdominal muscles until reaching upright sitting position before returning back down again.

Day 8: Alternating Lunges + Medicine Ball Slams

Next up we have alternating lunges paired with medicine ball slams perfect for increasing agility and power! Start by standing tall with feet hip-width apart then step one foot forward into a lunge position bending both knees at 90 degree angles before returning back up to center and repeating on other side switching sides after each rep. Immediately following lunge go into medicine ball slams; pick up a heavy medicine ball from floor overhead before throwing it forcefully down onto ground allowing momentum of impact absorb shock before picking ball back up and repeating movement multiple times ensuring form is not compromised throughout entire sequence.

Day 9: Burpees + Muscle Ups

Challenge yourself on day nine with burpees combined with muscle ups; begin by dropping into plank position before immediately performing a push up then jumping feet towards hands and exploding upwards clapping hands above head finishing burpee in standing position before moving right into muscle up. Grab onto rings with an overhand grip while maintaining active shoulders and positioning feet slightly behind body then use explosive force generated from shoulders/triceps to press upwards extending arms until elbows lock out fully bringing rings to chest height thus completing muscle up motion before lowering self back down again; remember to keep tension in body throughout entire exercise and focus on proper breathing techniques for maximum benefit.

Day 10: Ski Erg + Burpee Broad Jumps

Day ten pairs ski erg with burpee broad jumps targeting whole body strength and endurance; start off with ski erg working quads and glutes focusing on rhythmic strokes keeping core engaged throughout entire exercise remembering to breath properly for optimal performance. After completing necessary distance switch over to burpee broad jumps which involves performing standard burpee except for replacing final jump with long lateral leap forwards or backwards depending on preference putting more emphasis on plyometric ability; ensure correct form is maintained when executing this exercise as improper technique may lead injury or lack thereof desired result altogether.

Day 11: Wall Balls + Russian Twists

Day eleven challenges cardiovascular endurance as well as strengthening core musculature through combination wall balls plus Russian twists; start off by grabbing light medicine ball holding against chest while standing few feet away from wall then throw ball at marked spot above reach whilst concurrently squatting down catching ball upon return trying best keep rhythmical pattern going throughout entire sequence taking rest break every minute or two if needed; secondly shift focus over Russian twists which involve lying supine on mat arms raised parallel ground legs bent forming triangle shape then rotate torso opposite direction waist twisting attempting touch elbow ground each rep emphasizing contractions abdominals experienced throughout motion keeping spine neutral whilst rotating always aiming maintain fluid motion possible despite intense nature maneuver itself (modify difficulty further adding extra weight held across chest further complicate drill further!).

Day 12: Double Under Pyramid + Bear Crawls

And finally on day twelve tackle double under pyramid coupled bear crawls culminating 12 days fitness journey; begin former activity setting stopwatch 15 minutes executing single double under every 10 seconds according build pyramid effect consequently increase number repetitions performed progress builds eventually culminating peak 60 consecutive double unders broken sets course needed should ever plateau however take deep breaths recover slight fatigue felt concluding round means substitute variations shadow skipping allowed ensure consistency provided key element present duration activity; thereafter follows classic bear crawl simply start tabletop crawling forward placing left hand then right alternating between respectively dragging body remain low surface area enabling speedy navigation prescribed space same way end where began congratulating successful completion dozen grueling festive themed WODs made appear breeze regardless intensity involved!.


We hope that this post helped give you some insight into what a 12 Days of Christmas CrossFit WODs is, along with providing some useful tips on how to get ready for your holiday workout and some suggested exercises for each day. No matter what your current fitness level is, don’t forget to have fun, stay consistent, listen to your body, enjoy some rest days, eat healthy meals, drink lots of water, and always aim to challenge yourself!

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