Wednesday, 19 July 2017

To honor a wonderful coach, to whom we are lucky to call ours…I present “The Coach Davina” WOD. Hope you enjoy it Coach! 


EMOM x 10 minutes:

ODD-3 strict pull ups

EVEN- 3 strict dips

*if you can do these movements easily, scale up to either strict chest to bar or bar muscle ups, weighted strict pull ups or dips, or Russian dips. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Met Con

“The Coach DAVINA”

50 air squats

200m run

40 back squats

400m run

30 walking lunges, front rack

600m run

20 good morning

800m run

10 front squat

1000m run 

*you choose weight…needs to be medium weight for you. If equipment and space is available, use an additional bar for the good mornings, otherwise, be prepared to strip weight off the bar for them and then to put it back on the bar for front squats. 

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