Monday, 31 July 2017


Each workout this week will be a past Games event.

Check out this link to see how this week is laid out, including the schedule of the 2017 Games events

Back Squat

Gainz- 5 reps at 75%, 3 reps at 80% and 1+ reps at 85%.


Maintaining- Find a 20-rep max back squat. This set of 20 needs to be UNBROKEN. You may rest your legs, but CAN NOT set the bar down. Shoot for a weight that is 70-75% of your 1rep max.

Met Con

From the 2007 Games:

For time:

1000m row


5 rounds:

25 pull ups

7 push jerks, 135/85


**If you need to use a band for pull ups, SCALE to 10 Strict pull ups with a band**

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